Why You Shouldn't Accept Free Samples From Sources

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  1. There have been several reports recently of members accepting free gear from sources. Most are newer members with high post counts and it occurred to me that many might not be aware that this practice is strongly discouraged on Meso.

    Accepting free samples from sources who are trying to prove themselves or increase sales is a common practice on most forums, and everyone enjoys getting something for free. Unfortunately, when it comes to AAS venders, free gear creates several problems that adversely affect members.

    The majority of sources offering free AAS are startup operations trying to build a name. While it may appear that they are doing you a favor by giving you freebies, they are in fact using you. They are buying you and your good name in order to gain the credibility that they desperately need, but haven't yet earned and certainly don't deserve. The vast majority of these sources have proven to be non-viable and few, if any, will still be in business six months later - usually leaving many customers holding bunk gear, or no gear at all, in their wake.

    Established sources offering free samples aren't looking to build a name since they already have that. What they're after are increased sales, and there is no better way to increase sales than giving free gear to trusted veteran members in exchange for a favorable review of your products. In this case, the trusted veterans are also being used. The sources are buying the veteran's good name in order to increase sales from noobs.

    Unfortunately, there is no shortage of members of the AAS community that are willing to allow sources to use their name, and many of these members never pay for their AAS. They use their status to get free steroids from sources, and some are willing to give favorable reviews to the highest bidder. These people are known as gear whores.

    The argument gear whores use to justify their greed and selfishness (and that's what it is) is that the free gear allows them to determine whether or not the source has access to good gear, and that their review will benefit the community. That argument is nonsense. The free gear given for reviews will almost always be specially selected from a readily available, yet very limited stock that the vender knows is good. The gear whores know this and that's what they are counting on.

    Once the favorable review of the free gear is given, the orders start coming in because members now see the source as credible and with good gear. However, the gear regular members receive will not be from the limited, specially selected known good stock the reviewer received, it will be from whatever stock the vender happens to have available and its quality is often poor and underdosed, and, in many cases, completely bunk. It's the old bait and switch.

    Members who accept freebies have traded their credibility for a few free vials and should be called out for what they are - gear whores. And gear whores offer nothing of value to the community. Their reviews are worthless.

    The only people to benefit from the practice of giving and accepting free gear is the member who received the free gear and the source who received credibility they haven't earned. Regular customers get screwed every time.

    If anyone else (non-gear whores only) has anything to add, feel free.


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    Great thread and should be stickied.

    Accepting free gear from a source should ONLY be if you are going to run a log or do a review or if part of a contest. Reviews and logs should be honest and complete, or else the member should be called out on it. Contests for free gear should ideally be approved by staff. Otherwise this could be deemed by the population as the source playing favorites as well as the gear-whores running rampant in various source threads (We've seen how that went, unfortunately). This should become part of the SCOC in my opinion as there needs to be some sort of fair play in this situation.
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  3. Burrr

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    Fuck off, I'll pin free gear all day long.
  4. Ozzy619

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    Im sure gear whores pm sources for gear. Im sure they actively seek these sources. Ive never once had a source offer me free gear. It just looks bad overall to do so. I think Meso should be held in a higher regard. I dont want whores in my neighborhood and I certainly dont wont them on Meso.
  5. MindlessWork

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    Maybe you'll get all the bunk stuff hahahaha
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  6. MindlessWork

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    Honest sources should not accept such PM's and repeated PM's for begging for free gear should be dealt with by Millard.
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  7. brutus79

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    C'mon burr. You really don't see the harm in free high quality gear not representative of the actual quality that will be sold getting reviews? or are you just Friday night trolling.
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  8. Burrr

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    I don't post reviews for free gear, or go shilling. I've had a src send me some freebies to get bloods on and report back to him. I've had a src not have what I ordered in stock and sent out a bunch o freebies instead.
    I just pinned some free TE 500 a couple hours ago, SRC wants to know how the pip and bloods come out.
    The free gear is not the problem, the lack of disclosure leads to problems.
  9. MindlessWork

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    Agreed...accepting free gear can kind of taint the review IMO, but if there's a requirement to submit an *honest* review, bloods or a log then that can help make things fairer.

    Our community is built on fairness, integrity and trust and we should protect that. This board is not to go down to the level of ProM, Outlaw or Evo but setting the standard all other boards should strive for.
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  10. Whoremoans

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    Yeah I wasn't aware testing a free sample was such a frowned upon thing in the community.. As long as there is transparency that it was in fact a sample I don't see too much harm.
  11. MindlessWork

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    It's frowned on if it is to favor one source over another or if the freebie is good stuff while the rest is bunk.
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  12. Whoremoans

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    Yeah I don't think you can count on quality of ALL products from a lab based on your freebie. That's why I think it should be disclosed if you review the gear that it was a free sample and it may or may not reflect the quality of purchased gear from the source. Now if you're taking freebies in exchange for raving reviews, screaming best source ever! G2G! G2G! I could see how that would be a big problem.
  13. MindlessWork

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    Precisely this. Of course if the person PAID for the gear then did a review/put up a log or bloodwork then that's because the buyer then has skin in the game so to speak.
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  14. So... Can I accept Silk Oils free lube?

    I'll post a log of my girlfriend's anus. (Before and after)
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    LMAO! Knew you'd come up with another gem TMG :D

    Did you send her a PM :p
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    Apple never gave out any free products and look how many people have Mac books, iPods, and iPhones. Just using Apple as an example because I love it, never had any kind of issues. Except the price of course... But the same as gear, I'm willing to shell out the extra money for a good product. There should be no need to give out freebies to prove anything. If it's good gear then you will have loyal clientele always and forever. Not sure why sources want to make a quick buck over making way more in the long run. I completely agree that it is a way of using members to their own advantage to scam
  17. Whoremoans

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    It just seems like no one is willing to be the first to pull the trigger on new labs. They could have the best gear in the world and if no one is willing to spend a dime with them how would anyone ever know?
  18. johnnyBALLZ

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    If they did, it would already be known.. Believe me, there are no perfect new labs popping up these days..
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  19. johnnyBALLZ

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    MindlessWork, I don't even know where to start with this post!! :eek:
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    Sorry if I sound like I am rambling o_O