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Discussion in 'Security, Privacy & Anonymity' started by MythotiK, Jan 24, 2016.

  1. MythotiK

    MythotiK Member Supporter

  2. MindlessWork

    MindlessWork Member Supporter

    Looks nice and also think there are other secure chat programs out there as well. Maybe PI22 may chime in. Secure chat programs are useful if properly configured.
  3. romaleos

    romaleos Member Supporter

    What kind of pokemons are you trading there? J/k!
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  4. Isaac

    Isaac Member

    although i use wikr, i'm still suspicious of it. the fact that its free and yet has millions of users just raises a red flag. whos paying the devs to write all this code?
    unless they were payed before writing it, by someone who wanted a secure chatline on their phone.
    i've seen this app in the news a few times relating to how politicians use it as well as drug dealers.
    all that attention and no ones bought a backdoor entry?
  5. MindlessWork

    MindlessWork Member Supporter

    Nice that Wickr also runs on Mac and Linux as I use Linux more than Windows :)

    I see there's ChatSecure for iOS and Android...anyone use this? Also Cryptocat is another good one.
  6. pumpingiron22

    pumpingiron22 Member Supporter

    I love wickr I have a few sources that use it. Its a great app and deletes the Convo after so many hrs and yes its all encrypted
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  7. pumpingiron22

    pumpingiron22 Member Supporter

  8. Joeblack

    Joeblack Member

    FINALLY ppl are getting this. Ive been pushing wickr since like 2012 or 13.
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  9. GigaloRob

    GigaloRob Member

    Silent text is pretty good.
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