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    **Wickr alert**
    Copy and pasting from another site:

    By now most people know about the privacy app wickr. Sources use it all the time now as a way of communications. However the code has never been published and verified like other apps such as Wire.

    For awhile now wickr has been pushing to go to a “profitable” model as they’ve claimed. This has led to the development of a professional platform. Wickr has previously released a white paper on the app. Which is something but not enough to verify if it’s valid or not. But people maintained the trust in it.

    As such not enough people trusted the professional version when they could pay for a service that was code released where people could inspect the code and verify it’s secure. Wickr has now reported they refuse to release the code on the free app and would only release the code for the professional business version.
    Soon wickr will push an update to the app in which they claim you must relog into the app to continue using it. This is a concern since that means the app structure has completely changed. They don’t want you to review the code but still want you to use the service.
    It’s been in media alot lately that many drug dealers in EU were using the free app. Since Wickr is more focussed on profitability and is restricting access to the old and new code it’s pretty safe to assume they are hiding something. With the new rollout it’s possible the app could not be secure and information sold off to a govt organization. If they claim they are not making ***** on the free personal version they should have no problem releasing the code the way wire, signal, tele**** all have. However they are obviously hiding something and this new rollout should be a concern.

    If you use the app try to get your contacts to switch to Wire which is open source. You can create an account online with a throwaway email address and use that as your log in to the mobile app.

    If soon you get a notice wickr upgraded and you need to login again i would immediately delete the account.
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    Wire (and Signal) is becoming the way to go, and Wickr sadly had caved in to government pressure so the free app is now closed source and that users using that version could well be at risk of snooping by LE. Seems government is waging an onslaught on encryption and this is of great concern to anyone who wants to communicate sensitive information securely and in real time.
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  3. Any updates on this topic?
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    Cover me and confide are decent apps. With confide, you have to use your finger to reveal the text and when you remove it, it stays covered.

    Stopped using wickr in August when they eliminated some of the features. Shame too because we had a group thread with people from all over the world.
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  5. What are your thoughts on signal?
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    I have it installed but I don’t use it. The thread we had on wickr was basically a bullshitting thread with people from all over the world. Not really anything that had to do with legal shit, just controversial opinions that people in our various career fields don’t really need to be public.

    Your best bet is to research whatever the Israelis are using. They’re always ahead of the curve when it comes to encrypted communication.
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