Wife and I trying to have a baby....need help

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Raven - UG, Apr 22, 2007.

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    Raven - UG

    Raven - UG Junior Member

    Before you guys even think it, no I don't need one of you to get my wife pregnant :) I just need some info here. I am low dosing at 250mg sust per week, 50mg stanozol M-W-F, and 400mg Eq per week. My questions are:

    How much will this impact my sperm count?
    If I take hcg while on cycle will this help keep me fertile, if so how much should I take?
    What about clomid?

    She just got off the birth control, I just want to make sure that I am going to be able to make it happen on my end.

    Thanks guys!!!

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    HDH Member

    I think the chances lower on your end. I don't really have all the facts and figures. There was a thread that I was following at DBB a few months back about this. There have been guys that have had children while on cycle. They had the facts and figures listed there. The funny thing about it was all of them that had children on cycle were having girls. It was kind of a joke about it but who knows. A lot of the guys were vets and talked about their experiences throughout the years.

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    jsupstarz Junior Member

    Well like HDH said, don't count on it. The hcg will help a little bit but nothing like you think with all the synthetic test running through you. Best NOT to be on while trying to conceive, of course. Good luck. And clomid will do nothing.
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    MaxRep Member

    My wife and I now have a 19 month old son (big, happy and very healthy) but I was off everything for 1.5 years and she was off BC for one year before she conceived.

    In general, most studies show sperm production is reduced fairly quickly when on anabolics. Using hcg is common practice with infertility Dr's but all studies I have read show abnormalities in sperm increase substantially with hcg usage.

    If you're serious about your wife getting pregnant, I don't think it's wise to be running anabolics concurrently.

    Good luck and best regards,
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    slick33158 Junior Member

    Maybe you should put her on hcg too, trigger ovulation. All you can do is try. I'd dose up on the HCG for about a week (maybe both of you) and have a go at it. I bet you'd get it done if she's ovulating and all.
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    Orangejuicer Junior Member

    I've found it's harder to conceive when only doing anal and oral. Try vaginal. Oh, and handjobs and kissing do nothing. Good luck.
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    swelty Junior Member

    get off the sauce and start pct.
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    Raven - UG

    Raven - UG Junior Member

    If I go off and start pct, how long should it take ? Also, my wife just stopped Birth Control, she has been on it for 4 years. It iwll probably take a few months to get that going again. I plan on finishing this cycle, then win the MR Punyverse, and after that Ill go off cycle with some Super PCT. Do you guys know of anything else that helps?

    Thanks, -- - Trying to add one more to our ranks!!!!-- -

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    Raven - UG

    Raven - UG Junior Member


    What about a non androgenic like primobolan or anavar? This should still allow me to keep fertile right??

    Thanks again
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    Orangejuicer Junior Member

    Are you accepting mail-in sperm donations?
    $30 I'm tall...dark...handsome lol

    Androgenics create a much less dense ejaculant, they lower sperm count, and azoospermia.
    It's assumed that Sperm counts will not return to normal for at least 6 months, with an exponential curve in sperm levels varying directly with the amount of testosterone the body feels it needs to produce. Your best bet is to finish your cycle as planned, do good pct, and then start up some sort of pituitary test booseter in my opinion. Though there's very little evidence to show that they do a lot, they may help you in triggering your body's natural test response. Don't forget though, that with low natural test levels, your sperm will have a much higher incidence of defect and disformia, so a sperm count number means nothing since a lot of your warriors are wounded. Luckily, there has never been a case of a birth defect caused by or related to male steroid usage. Best of luck knocking her up.
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    advanced-stealth Junior Member

    Good luck bro.
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    Gman2004 Junior Member

    My wife is almost 5 months pregnant. I was in the middle of a cycle when she got pregnant. She had ran out of birth control and needed to wait till her next menstrual cycle started again before starting back up. I was taking 1000mg Test E/wk, 75mg tren A ED, and 40mg Dbols. At that dose of test I was so horny all the time I was on her a couple of times a day. :D

    AAS will not change your DNA so the baby will come out fine, although I would agree if you are purposely trying to concieve then get off the AAS. My situation was a welcomed OOPS!:D I was even pulling out, HA!
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    Gman2004 Junior Member

    I hope I get a boy. I already have two girls!
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    DocJ Junior Member

    Really? Nothing? Explain please...
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    HDH Member

    Keep us posted on this one. I'm interested to know after all of the girl talk :D

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    Raven - UG

    Raven - UG Junior Member

    Im gonna hit the hcg while on cycle. And then when I am finished in a month hit the clomid and a little more HCG. Any other suggestions on what to take when done? I am only doing 250mg of test EW, 400mg of EQ, and 50mg of winny m-w-f. Not too high a dose.

    Thanks for the help guys Ill keep you posted

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