Wife in 2nd week npp cycle

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  1. ambulldog

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    Her 2nd cycle. 1st being primo. She is in her 2nd week at 90mg/week split 3x. For some reason she likes her sumo deads very wide. I dont argue at least she does deads. Screenshot_20161212-112434.png Screenshot_20161202-142556.png Screenshot_20161202-142422.png
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    ILUV2LIFT Member

    Awesome legs!

    I like sumo deads wide, too.
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  3. ambulldog

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    Shes just lucky with legs. She does not put much effort into them at all
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  4. GearGodess

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    That's a pretty high dose for a woman. Make sure she keeps an eye on her body, especially her love button as things should hit her by the end of this week.

    And wide stance, I like that too... feel more of the inner upper thigh and lower tush working overtime ;)
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  5. ambulldog

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    Yes keeping very close eye. Its still the same size from her primo run. Little swollen nothing that shows in tight shorts or anything.

    She feels very goid on it so far. Today was the beginning of 3rd week so 7th inj
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