Wifey’s first primo run

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  1. puckhog

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    Hi fam.
    My wife decided she wanted to dip into some PED’s to see what it can do for her.

    Stats: 5’3” 146lbs

    Lifting for 4 years. Currently running pull/legs/push 6x week

    Currently eating 1400 cals/day

    We are running 20mg primo e 2x week Bayer pharma. I have been talking to @Kim and @Masters Power a little bit to get the ball rolling. Kim has been a tremendous help. Thank you Kim. @GearGodess I would welcome any advice you can offer.

    We ran into a bit of a surprise this week after getting some bloodwork back on her Test levels. She is using prescription compounded Test cream and her Test levels came back in the 1400’s. Yes....I know....1400’s for a female is fucking crazy. I am not going to post a pic of that as I have already sent the evidence to Kim. We are not sure how long her levels have been this high because the doc only does bloods every 6 months. They were in the 70’s with the last set of bloods. I am hoping it was a lab mistake but we will see. It is really not reasonable to be anything else unless her test cream is grossly overdosed.
    She has zero sides, no acne, no shaky voice, clit is a tiny bit swole but it has been since she started hrt a year ago. No hair loss either. We are going to re-draw and see what levels are.

    We are 3 shots in for the primo.
    Yesterday she got sick. Nausea, HA, heart rate in the 130’s. I am thinking with her job she caught a bug?? She works with kids.

    She is feeling fine today. I am just documenting all this for progress and learning purposes. She likes being injected, and that’s sexy :)

    I am hoping to keep this thread updated every couple few days. Thanks for watching, off to the gym!

    (For entertainment purposes only)

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  2. Kim

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  3. Kim

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    Sickness is going around for sure.
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    HIGHRISK Member


    You sure it’s primo?
  5. Kim

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    She was taking test in the cream form. @HIGHRISK
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  6. T-Bagger

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    What kind of virilization is she having at 1400????
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  7. puckhog

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    Thankfully not a damn thing!

    @HIGHRISK these bloods were before primo injections
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    HIGHRISK Member

    Ok sorry I misunderstood.
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  9. GearGodess

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    1400 is very high but could also depend on time of the month, whether she trained prior to bloods, and obviously the cream application timing.

    How long ago was the last blood test and is she experiencing any other sides that's unusual?

    Primo dose, keeping it at 20mg a week is a good start given she is using the cream. 3 shots in, it's still too early to notice anything.
  10. Evom1

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    I'm assuming she's dieting down since she's on low calories? Is she doing a show or just her goal?

    I've got a couple girls running primo right now and they love it. Both are running 50mg/wk split into two shots, but they did kick start the cycles with Anavar. They're both focused on growing right now so the calories are way up there.

    Subbed to see how she does!!! Good luck!
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  11. puckhog

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    @GearGodess she had a hysterectomy many years ago due to complications. Last blood test was 6 mo ago and read 70ng/dl. Her test cream is supposed to be twice daily but she has only been doing once daily for the last month. We have stopped using the test cream until we re-draw bloods.

    @Evom1 she just wants to look like a bad bitch by the pool this summer, so yes, dieting down. Lol.
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  12. puckhog

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    @GearGodess I missed one of your questions.... no unusual sides as of yet.
  13. Masters Power

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    40 or 50 primo per week is good imo. But I definitely would keep it at 40 until you get to the bottom of that test result as 1,400 is way high for just using cream once a day.
  14. puckhog

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    Agreed. And we are keeping it at 40. Ty.
  15. GearGodess

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    Ok. Is she doing any other hormone replacement... progesterone/estrogen? What were her numbers there?
  16. puckhog

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    Just estrogen.
  17. puckhog

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    Wife is feeling good. Another pin this AM. Diet and workouts are still on track.

    Got a call from the doc regarding testosterone levels. She said to “just stop using all products that contain testosterone.” Um...yea, thanks for that.
    No f/u or bloodwork ordered (face palm)
    We will do our own bloods in a few weeks to check levels and go from there

    Still no unwanted side effects so far.

    Happy day mesonians
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  18. puckhog

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    2 weeks in as of today. Things are going well. Macros and training on track. No negative sides to report. Down 2lbs so far. I swear she looks leaner in her back but it is still a bit early.
  19. Kim

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  20. puckhog

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    B67A597A-BFE4-4454-8824-4E1198BC2D34.jpeg Another pin this AM 20mg Bayer Primo. She is feeling good. Everything still on track. She is pushing herself hard in the gym. She has lost size (fat) on her waist and hips. Arms appear a little firmer as well. Here is a little peak at a back photo from today.
    And to f/u on the 1400 testosterone level, she is going to see a new hrt doc May 1st. So we will pull bloods at that point. They actually do Test injections for females at this place or cream, whatever one prefers. If things don’t work out at the new place we will still take matters into our own hands.

    Yea, yea, yea, we are at the purple planet.....but still putting those muscles to work.
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