Will all sources stop using WesternUnion/MoneyGram and move on to Bitcoin?

Discussion in 'Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency' started by master.on, Jul 21, 2016.

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    In the foreseable near or distant future?
    As WU/MG leave a huge paper trail
  2. I think so and leaves out face to face contact like you would have with WU/MG
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    The key for bitcoin widespread use:
    Are there any places or ways the average Joe can buy bitcoins with cash and no ID?
    besides dark alleys and under bridges with shady people

    Despite the face to face contact, long drive (for some), surveillance camera fears, and embarrasing questions
    WU/MG already fulfill the pay cash and no ID required criteria

    On a side note
    The most frustrating thing about WU/MG
    is when you get a hot or at least cute attendant
    that you would like to hit on
    but you're unsure if safe as to preserve anonimity.
    It happened to me in an LA Walmart!
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    It's looking like I may have to learn how to use bitcoin.
    I'd still hit her up for a bj. Having someone on the inside of mg owu would be cool.
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    They have some on the us.

    But you can aquire bitcoin easily without being detected. With a couple accounts and tumblers no problem.

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    hell man I do C.I.M most of the time no paper trail and safe. if you send bitcom and get scammed you have still lost your money I just cut out the middle man.
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    Where I am, the nearest ATM for Bitcoin is 2 hours away. You can meet the seller face to face in a fast food joint, no I'd required, paying cash to the seller and done. However, you still need an ID to start your wallet from what I've read? Maybe I'm wrong? Then, I read every transaction is kept on a server, so if someone wanted to, you can be found using Bitcoin.
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    If your supplier allows CIM then that's a good thing. Nothing beats plain old cash.
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    No for some wallets you only need an email. Only of you want to buy bitcoin from a wallet you need id.
    So use a couple wallets, a tumbler (mixer, or whatever the name), maybe VPN and proxy server and your good.
    If someone want to really get you they might but it won't be law enforcement for some petty stuff like a couple of vials.

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  13. So1970

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    Whatever happened to using a green dot card?
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    Green Dot tracks users and will freeze accounts if they detect usage that violates their terms of use and that includes purchases of steroids. Also GD does not allow foreign purchases to be made using a GD card and any attempt to say, pay a supplier in China for example.
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    CIM is so nice, best ending to any BJ - oh, what thread was this again?
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    OK next question what is CIM
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    Wait for it, wait for it....

  18. Cash in the mail.
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    Got it.
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