Will steroid induced hair loss grow back?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by ScienceGuy, Jan 27, 2005.

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    ScienceGuy Guest

    I never thought I'd be asking this question, as I have no genetic predisposion to hair loss. After 8 weeks of test400 I seriously think my hair is thinner. I have been using nizoral daily since noticing, and don't seem to have any hair on my pillow in the morning, and none comes out in my hands or comb. It seems to have been a sudden on-cycle thing. Assuming the factors that caused my hair to thin are gone, will it grow back. Yes I know this is another lame hairloss question, but this is one avenue I didn't look into...
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    Massive690 Member

    i dont know bro but that shit sucks. you got me all worried. now im sitting here rubbing my head and shit waiting for hair to fall out, lol
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    big gig

    big gig Junior Member

    i'll tell you what , my hair is short on top shaved military style in back and sides. i shave it bald at least once a year . anyhow i got a spot in front on left side that got noticably thinner. its thin. nobody in family has any baldness. it came out of nowhere. fuck it i'm sexy bald :D
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    PDP Junior Member

    No, although some may disagree, specifically hair loss drug companies, androgen induced acceleration of MPB will not grow back.
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    tHe_ShOcKeR Junior Member

    same shit happened to me. i always thought that the gene for MPB was carried on the mother's side. Since my mother's family has perfect hair, i thought i would be fine. However, i did a cycle and judging from pictures, i am definitely showing signs of a receeding hair line. I lost a good amount of hair, which pisses me off. shit like this makes me think i'm adopted, but my parents keep denying it.
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    tHe_ShOcKeR Junior Member

    oh, and referring to your question:

    no, the hair won't grow back. It's been about a year and a half since i've cycled due to the specific situation i'm in (sports testing), and that shit still hasn't come back. gay....
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    big gig

    big gig Junior Member

    shocker, i hear ya bro, same here . come visit outlaw muscle. com
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    freedomfighter Junior Member

    There are other causes to baldness besides MPB such as a high fever, chemotherapy, etc. Chemo loss will grow back. Fever induced does not, as my head testifies. But AAS does not induce baldness unless you are genetically predisposed to it. They do not know which side(Father or mother)carries the gene. I don't know if its still up but www.minoxidil.com had a lot of info on MPB. Minoxidil, nixoral, spironolactone all will restore hair on some men, but only as long as you use the products. Short of a miracle there is no cure for MPB. There should be a sticky on this subject.


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