Will using tor while surfing the web protect my identity?

Discussion in 'Steroid Legal Forum' started by Harmswhey, Feb 6, 2018.

  1. Harmswhey

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    If I use tor while accessing meso will that keep my info hidden? I'm using orbot for my browser. I'm not too savvy with computers but I want to make sure I protect myself the best I can. I'm starting to get more nervous making transactions these days domestic and especially international. Of course I use an encrypted email. What else can I do? Is what I'm doing enough protection?
  2. master.on

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    Anything TOR gets much more LE and maybe even CIA attention

    If anything, surf meso with a burner smartphone (paid in cash, no ID, balance recharge paid cash at no security camera locations, if possible)
    Positively no TOR ever.
  3. Sk8man101

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    TOR will make it so no one can track your IP address. Even if you click a link and it's one of those bait things, or you email someone.
    I like to think on the positive side that all of the sources here on meso only use tor to access. But it's not likely.

    I'll assume most people don't use them on here cause it would just be to much of a pain.

    However if all you want is your internet provider to not know your looking up meso all the time you can run threw a VPN.

    I don't agree with master.on, I don't think there is really anyway to know if your using a tor unless they track your up address multiple times and then see you bouncing all over the world. And if LE is spending that kind of time to track your IP you'd be thankful you were using a tor cause the alternative is they'd already have all you info for you true IP address.
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