William Llewellyn's Centurion HRT clinics partner/DR. arrested!

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    Terible to think Bill Llewellyn did not do his homework on his present new company CENTURION LIFE AND WELLNESS, LLC. or more specifically his partners? Or was he aware of the dealings?? Makes me wonder about other more recent accusations? This is not a rumour! It seems Bill has partnered in a company where the co-owner was recently arrested and indicted on multiple counts of federal controlled substances violations. Dr. Carlos Gonzalez Jr. MD is facing up to 600years in prison for illegal prescription writing in relation to a pain medicine center and multiple Hormone replacement therapy clinics in which he was the writing physician.
    Bills new company which he has spoke of in his HRT-Rx website as being an owner in appears here: William Llewellyn joins Centurion HRT, a national clinic | William Llewellyn's HRT-Rx Physician Network. Testosterone & Growth Hormone Therapy for Andropause and Antiaging

    Seen here is the Florida corporations record: www.sunbiz.org - Department of State

    Bills name is not yet on the company(luckily for him) but, it is this same company he talks about on his site as being a partner in and clearly Dr gonzales Jr. is his partner.
    I thought he said this was a nationally recognized HRT center?? according to the Florida records it was only started in October of last year?

    This is very dissapointing.
    here is a link to the Dr.s arrest:
    DEA Raids Pill Mills in South Florida - ABC News
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    Knew a guy once that had an off-shore fishing boat named the Legal Eagle, so your name brings back memories. On topic however, with the reputation Bill does have, I don't think that one of his partners being arrested is going to soil his name much at all.
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    I think everyone agrees Bill had a good reputation for being upfront on the steroid reporting in his Anabolics series. He had a number of excellent writers in the compiling of the information. No one can take that from him.
    However, with a number of recent accusations of being in business with some underground labs, receiving bribes, having a possible link to a peptide company selling IGF1, GHRP2, GHRP6, etc. all mail order based, sharing same po box office addresses? The reputaion starts to be questioned?? Now, the Partner in a new business is Federally indicted on controlled substances. A company he says is nationally recognized and turn out to only be months old? Perhaps there is more reality to the rumors??

    Time will tell the tale.
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    This is very unfortunate for everyone who did their due diligence when it came to Dr. Gonzalez. It seems that his association with pain clinics would have registered on someone's radar. I feel particularly bad for the honest, good-intentioned people involved with Centurion wanted to run a legitimate TRT clinic (as opposed to the anti-aging clinics that are prescribing 500-1000mg per week of androgens to bodybuilders).

    Of course, there will always be people who enjoy celebrating in others' misfortune.
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    I wonder what interests are represented when someone decides to register new accounts on bodybuilding forums for the sole purpose of posting news in an attempt to tarnish Llewellyn in post number one - and follows up with some unsubstantiated rumors in an attempt to further tarnish Llewellyn in post number two??
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    I have been following Bodybuilding forums for many years. I have no personal interest in tarnishing anyones reputation. I work on the legal side of the HRT industry. I have always enjoyed just reading posts. However, I am disturbed when i see these otherwise conversational forums used for straight foward product advertising and financial gain. Hey,its a business too, I understand that. However, Bill Llewellyn has an obvious financial interest in this forum and I just feel its an important topic to discuss. Molecular Nutrition Banners appear all over this site, do they not? Llewellyn is the first one to condemn using mis-leading information, bad products, companies which do not operate with in the laws etc. Why do we not hold him to the same standards he has set?? Yes there are a bunch of rumours. Being partnered in an HRT clinic (selling anabolic steroids legally to the public) with a crooked Dr., in a new company(not nationally recognized, as stated in his website)is not a rumour it is a fact. I am not delighting in his misfortune, I think it was a terrible circumstance. I am just afraid Llewellyn has sold out to the lure of $$$ like many others in the industry. Therefore, at least, I will be questioning his opinons more in the future.
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    What exactly is "working on the legal side of the HRT industry"? Does that mean you represent an HRT clinic in some capacity? The topic is newsworthy. This I do not question. I just wonder if you have conflicts of interest that should be disclosed.

    I never suggested that the news was a rumor as you implied. This should have been clear in my post.

    Llewellyn is definitely one to condemn HRT companies operating outside of the law. There are several of those in Florida; they aren't big fans of Llewellyn.

    It is unfortunate that Gonzalez allegedly worked for pill mills, but I think it is misleading on your part to suggest that Llewellyn was operating outside of the law through his recent involvement with Centurion.

    Too bad Centurion chose to work with Gonzalez not knowing about his other activities.
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    question Re Centurion HRT, and Dr Gonzalez

    Is this the same Dr Gonzalez??

    Pain clinic raids: Feds, police raiding South Florida pill mills - latimes.com

    Feds, police raid 11 South Florida pill mills

    In Lake Worth, Dr. Robert Elessar was arrested at his 45th Street Medical pain clinic. Dr. Carlos Gonzalez Jr. was arrested at North Palm Beach Pain Management in Lake Park, along with the owners, Anthony Laterza and Donna Palemire.

    11 arrested in Palm Beach County as part of multi-agency pill mill raid

    11 arrested in Palm Beach County as part of multi-agency pill mill raid
    In Palm Beach County, the raids focused on five doctors in four pain clinics.

    At North Palm Pain Management in Lake Park, Anthony Laterza, another operator who figured prominently in The Post’s 2009 story, his wife, Donna Marie Palemire, and Dr. Carlos M. Gonzalez ran a racket and committed a litany of other crimes, prosecutors said. Before opening a clinic, Laterza was discovered running a marijuana-growing operation in Martin County and convicted of a federal drug crime. He started North Palm Pain Management less than two years after getting out of federal prison.

    In a little more than five months, the business deposited $974,564.39 into two accounts, investigators said. Between March 2009 and August 2010, the clinic paid Gonzalez $247,335.92. Laterza spent the money on a boat, jet skis and a fleet of exotic cars, including a Lamborghini, a Ferrari and a Ford GT40. He bought some of them with cash, investigators said

    Here's the connection between the doctor and this story

    South Florida pain clinics: DEA raids Deerfield Beach pain clinic - South Florida Sun-Sentinel.com

    DEERFIELD BEACH In a second raid in as many months, federal officers turned out in bulletproof vests and black face masks Tuesday to search a pain clinic and question its customers.

    Officers from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration spent several hours at Total Care Medical Center, 458 W. Hillsboro Blvd.

    The federal officers, plus others from the Broward Sheriff's Office, the Florida Highway Patrol, the state health department and Hollywood police, swarmed the building and questioned dozens of clinic customers outside the business.

    Total Care, which opened about a year ago in the Hillsboro Garden Center plaza, advertises itself as a pain management center that welcomes walk-ins and provides a $25 referral credit.

    Neighboring businesses complained that Total Care's presence drew loiterers. The plaza parking lot often had vehicles with tags from Kentucky, Tennessee and Georgia, said Steve Sampson, owner of Fast Signs.

    "They park in the back of the plaza and sleep in their car until the place opens up in the morning and then they would line up in front until the place opened," Sampson said.

    Sampson said he has seen an upswing in suspicious activity, with people exchanging money for packages.

    Total Care hired its own security guard, but "he can't do everything," Sampson said.

    Clinic employees could not be reached for comment Tuesday, despite phone calls to the business. The clinic president, Gerald Wiseberg, could not be reached.

    Subordinate Practitioner Information
    Data As Of 3/9/2011

    Name Profession License Effective Date
    LA HEALTH AND REJUVENATION Health Care Clinic Establishment Permit 3588 5/3/2010
    CMG, LLC Pain Management Clinic 670 1/4/2010
    CMG, LLC Pain Management Clinic 670 3/8/2010
    CMG LLC Pain Management Clinic 174 1/4/2010
    CMG LLC Pain Management Clinic 174 1/7/2010
    CMG, LLC Pain Management Clinic 175 1/4/2010
    CMG, LLC Pain Management Clinic 175 1/7/2010
    DAVIS, DERRICK ANTHONY Physician Assistant 9103680 5/3/2010

    License Verification
    Data As Of 3/9/2011

    License/Activity Status
    License Expiration Date License Original Issue Date
    1/31/2012 03/10/2006
    Discipline on File Public Complaint
    NO NO
    Address of Record
    458 W. Hillsboro Blvd
    Total Care Medical Center Inc

    Could this be why William Llewellyn suddenly announced that Centurion HRT was hiring new doctors??

    This is one reason why I distrust most HRT/TRT clinics - especially those that refuse to tell who their doctors are!
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    It was an unfortunate event that caught everybody off-guard. Speaking as Bill's business partner and advisor who was a part of the review process, nothing in it raised any red flags much less any of the alleged activities he stands accused of. A trusted law firm was involved and even with the benefit of hindsight, we were advised that it would not have been possible to unearth this during a review process assuming any or all of these charges are true. The charges are serious and we can only allow the legal system to run its course.

    The interest level and growing acceptance of HRT has been encouraging. It's dynamic with differing opinions. There are legitimate investment firms and there are Ponzi schemes. It's that way in any field. At the end of the day, we all need to take advice from those we feel are knowledgeable and trust. Bill may not be that person for everybody but he can only let his work speak for itself.

    As for the other rumors brought up...they were/are just rumors. No need to address them further for they have been addressed before.
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    Will you post the name(s) of the doctor(s) who are now affiliated with Centurion HRT??
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    I think Bill already made it clear to you that he is not going to discuss doctors or business practices on a forum that focuses on steroids & bodybuilding.
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    It is dangerous, naive, ... to place one's health in the hands of a middleman without knowing who their healthcare professional (physician) is.
  13. I wonder were chad falls into this mess...
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    who is chad??
  15. cvictorg

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    So the question is how will we be able to get the name of his doctors so we can check the out??
  16. wadosnski ? sp. If he is even part of this i do not know. I know people that are associated with one HRT clinic go bouncing around..
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    does this mean that... Centurion TRT is out of buss. now?
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    Apparently not

    Centurion Age Management

    If this is the same company
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    that a year ago and there still in bussness!!