Win in oil keeps crashing

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    Hi guys,
    I’m trying to cook winstrol in oil but it keeps crashing.
    I have used 1gr win, 0.4 BA, 2ml guaiacol, 2ml BB, 7ml EO, 7ml MCT. I’ve first added stanozol powder to guaiacol, made them mix and let the mix cool a bit. I’ve then added oil and solvents. After a little time it crashed.
    Should I use EO only? I mean instead of 7ml EO + 7 ml MCT use rather 14ml EO?
    Thank you for your help!
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    have you ever seen winny in oil from a ugl?
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    There are recipes on the web so it means that people attempted to make win in oil and, possibly, succeeded. I wasn’t wondering what I was doing wrong ??
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    There are a few ugl’s that do sell it. I don’t know the recipe they use but I tried 3 different recipes and could not get it to hold.
  5. This was brought up not too long ago.
    i believe it was @LordSamuilo that said you won't get it to hold at 50 mg/ml, so you'd have to dose it lower.

    i'll try to find the thread in a moment...

    Edit: Just went through 25 pages of my own posts, only to come to the realization that i'm an asshole on here. :D
    Couldn't find the damn thread though. :(
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    Yeah winny is nightmare , there are about 2 labs brewers that I trust to make a true 50mg/ml winstrol. So its not that i necessarily think its impossible to make it work but there are just less than a handful of guys , that I know of atleast that can brew it without it crashing everyday and needing reheated .

    35mg/ml is about the highest ive got it to hold without crashing everyday and just recently pushed it to 40mg/ml semi successfully where it only crashes once a week lol. And thats with a ton of solvents and miglyol . Not gonna give out any recipes but ill tell you all the recipes you see posted around all the boards are bullshit . Anyone that has a good winstrol in oil recipe in oil isnt giving it up freely , because thats what separates them from every other person that calls themselves a brewer lol....
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