Winny on Joints: Permanent or Temporary?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by youngBuilder, Feb 1, 2014.

  1. youngBuilder

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    Winny is much more anabolic than Var, but as they say, is hell on the joints. Is that because it dries you out and joint friction causes temporary pain? Or does this have lasting effects after you come off?

    If it's temporary, I might try it... but I am lucky to not have any joint-issues (knock on wood) after all these years of hard lifting and don't want to fuck that up.
  2. loveyourbody

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    From my understanding it's temporary. I've done winny once but I was running deca while I was on it. I didn't notice much joint pain because of it. I would honestly run mast or tren rather than winny. I'm not a big fan. I think it's a little over rated to be honest. But that is just my opinion.
  3. Undertow333

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    I'm on the other end of the sprectrum than Love. I prefer winny to just about any oral. For some reason I have always responded very, very well to it. That being said, it can be hell on the joints and lipid profile. I advise you to buy a good joint formula and take plenty of EFA's to nix the joint issues. Also, get bloods done to keep an eye on your lipid profiles. My last cycle, my cholesterol #'s got way outta whack for the first time. I'm guessing it was a combo of winny and age.
  4. Ravtech

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    My joints were sore for about a week after I stopped taking winny at the end of my last cycle. Don't think I'll be running it again since it seriously hurt my ability to train. If I was doing contest prep it might be worth it but for general gains and healthiness I'd stay away from it.
  5. Big_paul

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    temporary. i dont use winne any longer for that reason.
  6. Tarzan

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    I don't know if there is a single compound with more conflicting views than stanozolol. There are two ways to approach this.

    The scientific approach:

    Scientific literature will support that stanozolol increases collagen synthesis. However, there is simply not enough supporting data to allow us to make any deductive leaps from here concerning the actual implications this will have concerning joint pain/integrity. Sure, you can make inductive leaps all day (which is fine and what most people do since it's really the only option) but inductive reasoning can't be taken too seriously.

    The pragmatic approach:

    You will find that many people have tried this compound and they will give different reports of how it affected them. The only way for you to know if winny will give you joint pain is to run it and see if you experience any joint pain. I know simple right. If you truly want a better grasp of how it affects you, run it as close to solo as you can or only alongside another compound with which you a very familiar. That way you can discern what the winny is responsible for.

    My personal take on the compound? I freaking love it. Coming from someone who focuses on athletic performance; I can rapidly increase strength and recovery without any increase in body weight. You can see how this might affect someone's vertical, 40 time, etc. Just look at Ben Johnson. I never once experienced any joint issues that I would have attributed solely to the winny, but that's just me. You need to try it for yourself to know for sure. If you do end experiencing pain in your joints it should go away soon after the cessation of winny.

    Make sure you have some aromitization going on because stanozolol itself does not aromatize and low estradiol WILL make your joints hurt.