Winny Vs Var vs Mast Vs Primo vs DHB. What is your preferred ?

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  1. Tmisatix

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    Sup brothers? I was very curious and I was wondering which compound out of all the main androgenic/DHT based compounds is your favorite and why?
    Comparison of
    - Gains
    - Benefits
    - Perceived “feeling” aka, aggression in gym, sexual function, wellbeing, etc.
    - overall cosmetic look
  2. 5 different compounds of the same DHT family and you want us to do a compare and contrast for you? :eek:

    This isn’t a question of curiosity. Either you’re doing a research or your too lazy to do the research on your own. o_O

    I’m sure no one will mind to help out, that’s way we are all here, but befor anyone does all this leg work for you, how about to give us your take on it first? :cool:
  3. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    They all do different things.

    masteron builds zero muscle but hardens muscle tissue and kind of leaves you flat but the bonerzzz are good.

    Winstrol is sometimes called baby tren because it has a lot of the benefits of Tren and similar look but to a way lesser degree.

    Primo is more or less side effect free but you need to push a lot of oil and run it for a long time to see the slow steady gainzzz. It leaves your muscles looking nice and full.

    DHB is the rainbow unicorn. It COULD be the best thing ever or it could be PIP city. It seems to vary from user to user. Sterile abscesses are common because the compound is so heavy that it does get absorbed into the blood stream quickly so can sit in the muscle tissue. Or it could give you side-effect free Tren-like gainzzz.

    DHT compounds can be harsh on the prostrate and hairline.

    All of the above can be found on a simple google search though. Best bet is to do your own research and try them all individually yourself at reasonable doses. Figure out what each does for YOU.
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  4. Tmisatix

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    you guys misread. The only one I’ve used is Anavar a long time ago. I know what all of these compounds are and have already done my research

  5. Tmisatix

    Tmisatix Member Supporter

    I know what these do. I’m wondering how they compare for you and which ones you have run?

    I’ve only ran Anavar.

    thank you , though my brother. That was an amazing write up.
  6. Tmisatix

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    I don’t even plan on going back on a cycle yet, was simply just trying to get a discussion topic going. My apologies, I guess I’m looking for handouts
  7. Armada1

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    Of the AAS you listed, I've used 3:


    I get something different out of each. I like var the best. It gives me a round, pumped, full look to my muscles. Seems to allow me to store more water in the muscle. Also seems to have me hold less water in my mid-section. There are even studies showing it reduces visceral fat in the trunk region.

    Primo is not worth the cost and effort, for me. It gives me many of the benefits of var, but the amount of oil and shots, the price, and the time it takes for me to see effects, which were modest in my case, don't make it worth it.

    Mast is excellent, but serves a different purpose than the other two, in my opinion. For me, it seems to remove sub-q water. My veins and muscles are clearly visible underneatht the skin, and I can see my vascular system in vivid detail. That being said, I don't really get much else out of masteron, and my prostate definitely doesn't enjoy it, and my skin gets flaky on it.
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  8. Monstar

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    I like winstrol a lot. No joint issues. Mg per Mg much better than Var. Gives a great look to shoulders. Strength and energy. No joint issues for me.

    Var is okay at 50mg...surprisingly decent on strength at that dosage actually. Probably need to run 100mg to get the full effect so sometime in 2020.

    Mast does nothing for my strength or muscle building. Purely feel good and aesthetic. Fine for what it best a testosterone enhancer but meh outside of those two factors.

    Have not used primo or DHB. I have a primo cycle on deck in 2020 too.
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  9. Tmisatix

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    thank you! This was exactly the discussion I was looking for.

    I agree with you on var. Anavar only was my first cycle and not because I wasn’t afraid to pin, but because I read a lot of research on how it was a good alternative in secondary hypogonadism. I responder very well to it on only 20mg a day. Got very dry, grew dense tissue, strength was pretty good and constant pumped feeling throughout the day, but crampy. It also helped me to develop as I mentioned with secondary hypogonadism.

    that’s surprising that you feel that way about primo as most people seem to like it, but I’ve heard similar to what you have stated. I still wonder if it’s a quality thing.

    man , everyone loves mast it’s just the hairloss turns me off lol. Seems like everyone gets some shedding on it too. :(
  10. Tmisatix

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    yeah , winstrol seems like the best bang for your buck and rarely faked. Between mast or primo, I’d probably choose winstrol to dry out.

    I’d like to run Primo/NPP/Anavar and or, winstrol soon.

    let us know how your primo run goes and yeah , DHB seems like a good compound but I haven’t heard a ton on it yet which makes me eager to try it. Also , the pip is brutal hence why the price has gone down
  11. Kamon

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    This is the first time I've ever seen mast said to not "build muscle" so it's odd for me..

    I've used DHB..
    Used Primo..
    Using Mast now..

    DHB didn't do a lot for me.. ran 700mg/w for like 12 weeks and didn't see much so I just stopped it early.

    Primo was awesome, again 700mg/w I used it from Alpha Pharma and legit felt more full and better than any other steroid I've used til then

    Now I'm on mast 600mg/w and feel incredible. I feel like all my muscle is popping and I am still putting on weight.. even with a significantly less test dosage than what I used in the past.

    I (personally) am seeing muscle building from my mast I'm on right now. But also completely see the popping

    For me personally, I'd get pharma primo or pharma mast.. wasn't a fan of DHB but I never had pharma grade either of it so take that for what it's worth
  12. Turbo charged

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    Mast doesn't build any muscle just hardens u up. Primo is very nice at 1000 mg
    Var is nice at 50 mg better at 100
    Winstrol is kick ass at 50 mg a day but harsh on liver
  13. Hawkins

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    They’ll all impact your lipids...