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Winstrol 20mg and Anavar 10mg oral need help

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Bg954, Apr 27, 2017.

  1. Bg954

    Bg954 Junior Member

    Im new to this site and have a few questions. Im 35 years old, 5-10 and weight 240lbs with 25% body fat. I'm taking Test cypionate 200mg a week injection that is dr regulated for low T for about 6months now. The stuff I'm taking is cvs stuff . I am working out 5 times a week, eating clean, and want to cut fat. I just started taking some prime lab stanozolol 20mg oxandrolone 10mg pills twice a day along with the test. My question is, do i need to run a sarm or nolvadex or anything to prevent gyno? I'm not really worried about shutting down (or should I be?) because i will be on test for the rest of my life. Personally I think I'm being paranoid and the amount of stuff I'm taking is a very small dose so i should be good with just some liver guard and joint vitamins but what do I know. That's why I'm posting this lol. Figure I would do 2 months of the orals and then back off for 2 month's. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  2. biggainez77

    biggainez77 Member

    I would probably hold off on the Winnie
    Entirely until you drop body fat below 10%
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  3. Bg954

    Bg954 Junior Member

    The winny is in the same pill as the annvar. Do you say that because it just won't make a difference at the moment since I have to much fat and I'm running a low dose? In other words there is really no point in the winny at this stage correct?
  4. Ironlord

    Ironlord Member

    You always get a better run of Winny when your bf is low.
  5. Roger rabbit

    Roger rabbit Member

    Winny will help raise your free test, depending on what your goals are is what you should be basing what compound you should/ want to be using.

    Honestly, you need to do more research on everything.

    The reason I say this is in a few paragraphs you say you aren't worried about being shut down and your taking so little, but winny and Italy's affects liver.

    Second. If you aren't following dr. Prescribed therapy then you need to for sure start learning about AI, different symptoms etc and I'm not bashing you, just it sounds like you are very uncertain about your goals and are willing to take anything.
  6. Morefyah

    Morefyah Member

    Did your doctor prescribe you an AI or hcg?
    Not that you necessarily need either, but he should of at least explained what they are and what they do. Drop the orals because there not going to help you at 25% BF.
    You need to download a nutrition app for your phone or computer. Something that will keep track of your macros. You need to know how many cals, carbs, fat, and protein you eat everyday. Bottom line is you must make adjustments to your diet. You need to start eating clean, lower your calorie intake by 500-700 a day. I think that's a good starting point and also begin doing an hour of high intensity cardio a day. Sounds like fun huh??
    Doing this will help you much more than taking any kind of oral.
    These are the basics!!
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  7. Bg954

    Bg954 Junior Member

    Ya that's what I'm doing now. I have 2 salads a day, 2 protein shake, and eat fruit and oatmeal in the morning and some grilled chicken in the middle.

    I was working out all natty for 6 years looking good then hurt my back. 4 years later I got surgery on it. Just got cleared to work out 3 months ago. I am down about 20lbs but sure i also put on muscle too. Back feels good but I'm not trying to look like hulk. I just want to be lean and sexy. The dr said that i need to stay under 1000 test level to prevent any dangerous side effects and if monitored i can be on test for ever. Needless to say, he doesn't know I'm taking other shit. I know what gyno symptoms are and have some chlomid from another dr left over that i take a pill every now and then if my nipples get sensitive. I was just wondering if the test injection plus the orals will give me gyno but it looks like the issue is I'm waisting my time and money with my body fat so high.
  8. Bg954

    Bg954 Junior Member

    During the time of 4 years i put on 50 lbs. Sucks big Donkey balls. Trying to play ball and stuff now for cartio. From this chat, i think i need to just get my body right with the help of the dr's orders. Then when i get lower body fat and I'm in better shape I can take the extra stuff as I Plato
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  9. Roger rabbit

    Roger rabbit Member

    In the mean time, if you are planing on adding stuff in the future, do the research now. That way you will be prepared. Lots of reading and I wish you luck my man. STAY safe bro
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  10. Morefyah

    Morefyah Member

    clomid won't do anything for gyno and since your on trt it will never be necessary again.
    You didn't answer the question though?
    Did he explain what an aromatase inhibitor is?
    Not to be a dick but hurting your back is not an excuse for being overweight. I fractured my back snowboarding 5 years ago and I also had my knee explode torn acl and mcl and torn meniscus which went completely untreated because I had no insurance at the time. So don't make excuses for your lack of self control and shitty eating habits.
    You need to either find a new doc or go back to him and have him explain to you the difference between a AI and a serm.
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  11. Bg954

    Bg954 Junior Member

    Everybody has a different chemical make up. Some people can eat a whole cheese pizza and not get fat while others can eat a slice and gain wait. With that being said I am also a husband, father of 3, and successful business man so your life coaching on excuses is not needed hear buddy. So in other words you may not want to sound like one, but you infact are a dick.

    Why would the dr tell me about aromatase inhibitors and all that? Im going to him for test therapy. Hes giving me test and monitoring me. Sounds like a pretty cool dr to me.

    I'm on this site because I'm going against my drs wishes like a moron to achieve faster results. If everyones dr would give them all kinds of gear for the hell of it we wouldn't need underground labs and this forum.

    With all that being said, i honestly do appreciate you replying with any bit of info you have and I also thank you for your time.
  12. Test_Subject

    Test_Subject Member

    Winstrol and Anavar aren't magic pills. Extra cardio will do more than both.

    Leave the lean mass drugs until you've shed a substantial amount of body fat.
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  13. Bg954

    Bg954 Junior Member

    My man! Good advice
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  14. biggainez77

    biggainez77 Member

    You're probably just not going to see a big change in hardness, definition and vascularity at that body fat percentage to really make it worth the hit to the liver. But who knows it might help burn some body fat