Winstrol/Anavar and cluster headaches?

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    So my GF wanted to try some Winny. So I started her out on a low dose. She seemed to be doing fine and leaning out and gaining muscle.....and about 3 weeks in she started getting cluster headaches. Which she gets them from time to time. Maybe once a year for about a 2 week period on and off.

    I tried to find anything on the Google about the link between the 2 and I couldn't find anything. Anyone know if there could be a link between the the Winstrol made her have a spell of the cluster headaches? Or could it just be a coincidence? She stopped the winny right away and a week later the cluster headaches went away. But like I said they only last about 2 weeks when she gets a spell of them.

    She wants to try something again. So I got her some Anavar, since she's scared to take the winny. Cause apparently cluster headaches are like the worst thing in the world to have from what I'm reading and seeing how she is. I literally thought she was possessed one night. She was couched down on the floor in the middle of the room, hair all crazy and holding her head. I immediately thought.....I'm gonna have to kill this demon bitch haha. She seriously looked terrible. I'm making light of it. But apparently they are really bad.

    So anyone know if that could have caused it to flair up? And would the anavar do it too? She thinks it has something to do with the androgenic of winny. And anavar from what I'm reading is lower on the androgenic scale than winny. So she's thinking of trying that. But don't wanna put her thru that again. So figured I'd ask.

    Anyone? Thanks!
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    What was her diet and water intake? Stats?
    I ask because once you go "super human", everything is sped up and hightened, she may have not eaten the right stuff, not enough or not drank enough water?
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    I haven’t met many women who enjoyed winny...

    Var should be more friendly, but who knows.
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    The only thing I would keep an eye on is blood pressure. Other than that, I don't think it's possible for anyone to really answer your question because, so far as I know, the cause of cluster headaches hasn't really been discovered...

    Hope it works out for her.
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  5. Migraines and cluster headaches are unfortunately pretty common for a lot of women. I personally tolerate winstrol extremely well but almost everyone I know has issues with it, absent no other change I would probably be inclined to drop the winstrol. Again, I love the stuff but people get really weird side effects from it sometimes.
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    She's 5'6 145lbs.....we usually eat pretty clean. Chicken breast, brown rice and a veggie. Protein bars as snacks. She was keeping her calories at 1500 a day. She drinks a ton of water. Has a gallon jug thing from Amazon that was freaking $20 lol. That has markers on it to show u how much u have drank for the day. She finishes it most days. But she also loves those nasty ass tasteless fruity waters. If u can even call them fruity lol. The La Croix I think they are called. So she's definitely hydrated.....I usually meal prep for her for a few days ahead of time. So it's pretty clean foods. Cheat day once a week. Don't know what else to say about stats and diet.
    Work out is usually a class type thing. Where they do a CrossFit/lifting cycle training type deal. She was leaning out and gaining muscle. It was obvious the winny was working and she liked the results.

    She hadn't had a cluster headache since her last one before the winny which was about a year ago like I said. She has about a 2 week period where they are off and on during that period. So it could have just been a total coincidence. But she's convinced it was the winny. Which I can't really explain to her that it's not cause I couldn't find anything on the net.

    Her BP and such was normal. We went and checked it during one at a local publix where they have the automated ones. So that rules that out.

    She's now hesitant to take the var cause of it. Cause it's seriously hell. I couldn't believe the pain she looked like she was in. Like I said demon bitch looking haha. But id like to get her to where she wants to be weight Wise and muscle wise. So she's more confident. She's taken tons of other stuff. Like preworkout and such and never had it trigger a spell of the headaches. I know it's totally not even in the same realm but just putting that out there.
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    That's an easy one. Take the Anavar... Monitor... If she gets hit with a cluster headache, she can take LSD to alleviate. This would be a very fun experiment... (Mostly for me watching from sideline)
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  8. Something to consider, there is a link to hormones and headaches especially in women, especially prior to menstrual cycle beginning where there is a drop in estrogen and progesterone AND this happens without taking exogenous androgens or sex hormones.

    The changes in estro and progesterone from a normal menstrual cycle are responsible for headaches in some women - the change in hormones is the culprit (constricting blood vessels or something along those lines iirc).

    Obviously, with exogenous androgens, you are changing hormones, and natural changes in hormones are enough to cause bad headaches in some women, it wouldn't surprise me if taking AAS would do likewise, especially if estrogen and progesterone are lower.

    Does she normally experience menstrual headaches? If so, that is probably the culprit I would guess - or at least it shows she is prone to headaches caused from changing hormone levels.
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    Yea I read that. Her doc gave her this nasal spray that is supposed to stop them in their tracks. Supposedly. But she hasn't had one since then. So she doesn't know if it works.

    We had her BP checked during one. I took her to a local Publix that has the automated one and it was 124/86. So that's not the issue I don't think.

    Thanks though!

    Yea she stopped it. And a week later the headaches stopped but they only last 2 weeks. So it could be a total coincidence.
    But she didn't have any other side effects from the winny. I've used it myself many times so I know the side effects.
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    Hahaha that would be interesting. But is LSD supposed to stop them? Lol can't tell if serious. Lol
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    Nah she doesn't really have bad menstrual cycles that i know of. Or at least she's good at hiding it. That is one of the questions I asked her though. And she said she doesn't get headaches during her cycle. Yea I did read hormone changed can cause migraines. But cluster headaches are a whole different beast from what I understand.
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    Just to clarify. She not my GF in the sense of a relationship.....just is what it is. Lol. But I wanna help her out to get her where she wants to be so she's more confident. She's very self conscious. As am I.... Hell I don't even take my shirt off at the pool unless I go in. Hahaha which everyone thinks is super strange. Cause that's me in my avatar. But I'm just self conscious as well.
  13. Yup, and as Eman mentioned, there isn't a whole lot known about what causes them.

    Shit sucks. There was a male member on here a while ago who actually used TRT to cure or significantly alleviate it his symptoms - he said there was some small evidence in the literature showing it has helped some patients (trt for cluster headaches).

    Not really related to any of this at all, just thought it was interesting.
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    Yea that is interesting. Maybe his lack of test was triggering them. So it could be hormone related which may explain why she had them on winny. But still may be a total coincidence cause it had been almost a year and about time for her to have an episode of them.
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    Yes! Mushrooms have also been used for treatment.
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    Well damn. Didn't know that.
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    There was actually a segment in a documentary I watched years ago with a middle aged man, father, husband, etc who suffered from either recurring cluster headaches or migraines - I can't quite remember exactly.

    Anyways, every few weeks I think it was, he would make a psilocybin mushroom tea and drink it. He was not at all a fan of doing it... Dreaded it, in fact. However, he just couldn't live with the headaches so it was necessary for him to take this to reduce them. His kids knew to leave him alone on the day he took it and, from watching the segment, it appeared he would just go to his bedroom and trip his balls off for the afternoon and evening.

    I looked on YouTube but I couldn't find it... Very interesting.
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