winstrol, deca, test(sex drive?)

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by meathead909, Feb 13, 2004.

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    meathead909 Junior Member

    I was hoping you guys could help me out here. I have 6 weeks worth of winstrol at 300 mg/week, 10 weeks of deca at either 300 or 600/week, and 10 weeks of test cyp at either 250 or 500/week.

    I know Deca tends to make you go limp, or at least not function properly. And to counter that affect, you should take test. What will adding winstrol to the cycle do? Will I be better off taking winny and deca only,,,or winny and test only,,,or combining all three together?

    I plan to take winstrol at about week 4 of my cycle. Ending in the 10th week. But it depends on what recommendations you guys can give me. I want for my peter to work at its best. This would be my second cycle, (first one was only test and deca for 10 weeks) and I would easily get hard but then limp after a couple of minutes of intercourse. Im normal now and everything works just like before. So what combos would be my best option in order to keep it working properly, (or best)?

    Hope you guys can help me out.
    Riverside, California
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    armsports Junior Member

    I'd be interested to know your test/deca ratio in that first cycle. I'm a firm believer in keeping the test more than the deca, so based on what you've got I'd go with 500mg/wk test and 400mg/wk deca.
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    jaysmithinwesson Junior Member

    5oo test and 400 deca is good for most. but what was your ratio was? cause if it was that than we wouldnt recomend it.but running winny wont help with deca dick. you can run all 3 if you want.
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    Iron Jay

    Iron Jay Junior Member

    Personally I won't ever use deca again, it kills my sex drive...I can use test and it doesn't matter, the deca makes the ol boy go limp..INstead I use Eq...I can even use tren w/o too much problem but Deca kills it..I think Deca sucks...
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    Uconn Mike

    Uconn Mike Junior Member

    You should be ok as long as you run more test than deca. 500mg Test,300-400mg Deca is good advice.
    The Winny won't do anything to combat "the dick"
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    big rob

    big rob Junior Member

    Might make the outter layer really hard but the center old stuff will be soft as a marshmellow......
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    Uconn Mike

    Uconn Mike Junior Member

    You said it Big Rob......
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    getroids Junior Member

    go with all 3 stuffs and dont be scared,nothing will hapen,but take 750mg of test weekly
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    drago1 Junior Member

    you make a good point jay. i hear more and more bro's running from deca. like you said, eq is better. same effects with no DD.
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    meathead909 Junior Member

    winstrol, deca, test(sex drive

    Thanks for the quick advice fellow meatheads!

    So im getting the notion that alot of guys out there are aware of the deca's limp dick effect. It seems like alot of you are staying away of deca. Sounds reasonable.

    What im going to do is try test and winny but together. I can't remember if I have ever read of guys doing this cycle by itself and at what doses to use. I figure to do 500-750mg/week of test, and I think 300mg/week of winny should be fine. Maybe someone can review this and tell me what they think.
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    jaysmithinwesson Junior Member

    you could do 500mgtest wk1-10 and winny50 mg ed 5-12 then pct. you are still using cyp ?
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    meathead909 Junior Member

    So you guys think its ok to take test and winny TOGETHER,,,meaning its ok chemically?
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    drago1 Junior Member

    its fine. test and winny work well together. i would add in some tren as well. great for lean mass.

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