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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by loveyourbody, Sep 13, 2013.

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    loveyourbody Member

    So I've been running winstrol for almost 4 weeks now 3 days to go. With test of course 750mg a week.

    -Cardio is up I can run longer with out feel out of breath so quick
    -I am shredded I mean shredded
    I am at 183lb 7% body fat at 5'5
    - super vascular you can see vains on my lower abs and shoulders I think it looks amazing but my girl friend doesn't like it

    -No strength gain what so ever
    -Joint pain specially in my knees I cannot go up stair with out feeling pain
    -tendons also feel painfully sore ( I work out each muscle 2x a week one day super heavy next light and high rep.)
    -everyone react differently but to me it actually interferes with my sleep. I know you will bash me and say it's not the winstrol but it started 4th day after I started winstrol. I know my body I sleep like a baby.
    -also I've noticed I can't use oral steroids as much no more every time I use anything such as halo/winstrol/dbol/anadrol I get slight discomfort on my lower left back above the hip.

    Ending result I give it a 7.5/10
    Better than anavar but the sides are also x5 worse
    I won't be using it again ill stick to test/tren/mast cycle I get bigger and the same vascularity with less pain.
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    calvare2 Member

    Yeah winstrol can have a negative impact on connective tissue
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    loveyourbody Member

    Yea so I had heard never thought I would be this bad though. Isn't really worth it in my opinion.
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    pumpingiron22 Member Supporter

    Keep us posted
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    foreveryoung Member

    my body tells me that winstrol is poison
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    heel hook

    heel hook Member

    Winstrol can be Hell on the joints some people use Deca to help with that.
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    loveyourbody Member

    I could see why people would use deca it makes complete since but Im not a big fan of deca honestly. I just wanted to test this winstrol out. I got it for free and wanted to see if it was really as good as people said. It cuts you up great but that's it really.
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    Pericles Member

    Hitting a body part twice a week is doing your joints no favor. That schedule is also why you are not seeing any strength gains. It does bear noting that strength stays constant while body fat is dropping.

    What, exactly, is your winney and test dosage?

    Also, yes, other orals will overload your system, since injectable winney has the same impact on the liver as other orals.

    I have some winney I am going to run, and when I do I will stay off anavar.
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    loveyourbody Member

    750mg test E 10weeks
    Winny 50mg ed week 7-10
    No other oral

    Yea I know I'm just use to this workout routine it has worked great for me. First time running winny wanted to see if its really as good as people say but honestly I don't like it much. That's true strength is still the same hasn't dropped and modular has.

    Bench press max-385lb
    Squats max 405lb
    Dead lift 315lb

    Being short has its advantage once it comes to strength haha
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    youngBuilder Member

    Oh come on, you can deadlift more than that!! 315 deadlift vs. a 385 bench press!?!?
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    loveyourbody Member

    Youngbodybuilder- it's the sad truth bro. I rather be honest than lie and say my dead lift is better than my bench. I had to catch up my squats too. I'm slowly catching it up so no worries.
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    Pericles Member

    That was my reaction, never in all my days (best friend and former gf were both national level PLers) have I seen a bp that is more than a deadlift.
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    Pericles Member

    1100 mgs a week, you should be getting stronger. You need to hit a b'part no more than every 6 days if you want to get stronger.
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    Pericles Member

    So, you train very heavy and basic, training low reps, yes? If you have been doing to for 5 plus years, I would recommend going heavy/light. One day hit a muscle heavy, train like a powerlifter. The next time you hit that muscle (6 days later) keep reps high, around 15 reps.

    High rep day should be as tough as heavy day, doing so will help you reap the fullness look you get from winney. And like I said, don't hit a bp twice a week if you want to get bigger/stronger. The body does not grow while training, training is the stimulus for growth. Actual growth takes place when eating, sleeping, resting.
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    ebkallday Member Supporter

    ^^^^^ LOL!!!! No kidding!
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    ebkallday Member Supporter

    ^ I meant that about the dead lift. My bench ain't anywhere near yours but my deads are way bigger than my bench.
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    loveyourbody Member

    I have always hit my chest harder and ignored dead lift for the longest time. I know my deadlift suck but at least I'm honest about it.
    PC- that is what I am doing one day hard low rep next high rep mild weights.
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    Pericles Member

    Good, now shift to an every 6 day schedule.
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    Sworder Member

    I like winny A LOT. A lot of CNS stimulation so it gets me mean and like you experienced, shredded. I love the way my body looks and feels on it. For growth, it's not the most anabolic but neither is the other "DHT derivatives" if you will.

    But it's all personal preference, try everything once and see what you like :)
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    pittbox Member

    Makes no sense at all
    I hold back on dl cuz it out runs the other two and I believe the squat is more important.

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