Winstrol vs winstrol

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by FutureMrO, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. FutureMrO

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    have you guys used injectable winstrol? And how did it go?
    My coach put me on oral winny but my guy messed the order up and sent me the injectable one and I was just asking if anyone’s used it and what they think about it?
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  2. proken

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    What sport are you in? From my understanding winstrol can make tendons brittle. I've seen the correlation of injuries many times over the years. Some older coaches still believe in it mostly because of it's use in the horse racing industry.
  3. Monstar

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    Have not used but a lot of people seem to prefer the effect, think it hits faster and harder than oral. Honestly it shouldn't matter if be a pronounced difference per science. Worst case it will be the same.
  4. Hacksaw Jim

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    I think the injectable one is more worthwhile to use because it has less of a negative effect on the liver
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  5. FutureMrO

    FutureMrO Member

    I’m prepping for a show bro.
  6. FutureMrO

    FutureMrO Member

    Yeah okay so I did take it today 10units= 50mgc and felt good I’m not sure if it would have hit me that quick but I did have a good pump. And being on 60g of carbs a day it’s hard getting a pump haha.
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  7. Goingstronger

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    Always heard it's a less advanced version of masteron with more sides
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  8. 350lift

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    I like winstrol over winstrol
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  9. 88GENERAL88

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    InjectAble is absolutely amazing, however, very painful. Tbh injectable winny can be taken orally too. So don’t trip just draw up whatever amount you want take the tip off and shoot in I. Your mouth. No pun intended. However, injectable is way better FYI. Some guys like to shoot one day and take it orally the next, but with injectable the half life is increased and some people say eod is exceptable. I don’t mind injecting so I stay with the Ed protocol. But try it out for your self and see
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  10. johntt44

    johntt44 Member

    I've tried both. Winstrol has greater aesthetic and strength gains than masteron.
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  11. 88GENERAL88

    88GENERAL88 Member

    No way winstrol is the cross between tren and masteron. Masteron is great at high doses for cleaning up the physique, but winstrol offers so much more. Just not as anabolic and androgenic as tren and doesn’t offer nutrient partitioning effect/Increase in IGF like tren does. Winstrol is amazing but in small amounts. I don’t know how guys run 6 wks of 100mgs Ed. When I was younger yeah, but now I can’t even go two weeks without all my joints feeling raw
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  12. FutureMrO

    FutureMrO Member

    I’m day 2 on shooting Ed and I’m enjoying it. It’s not as bad as I thought it’ll be I might even mix it with my other gear tomorrow and do 1 big shot.
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  13. 88GENERAL88

    88GENERAL88 Member

    Is it oil based ??? Or water based???
  14. Monstar

    Monstar Member

    Totally agree. 350mg of winny curb stomps and skull fucks 600mg of mast. These drugs aren't even in the same ballpark unless we are only talking drying and aesthetic element. Winny makes you strong, energy, effect on shoulders is freakish esp when combined with tren, cosmetic drying is nice too but I don't use it for that reason.

    Masteron...feel good, horny, helps with AI, cosmetic and not shit else. Honestly I don't even count the mg from mast as part of overall cycle mg anymore. I'd consider never touching it again but I have a decent amount. For what it's worth I see no difference between 600 and 400mg other than 600 and my normal aromasin cashed E2 hard on 250mg of Test E. Surprised me how strong its effect on E2 really is as I can tolerate single digit readings without bad joint pain on aromasin alone. That Mast lit my joints up.
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  15. Artifex

    Artifex Member

    I haven't use winstrol depot awhile , when I was younger I loved it .My shoulders never looked that vascular before . I had no issues - I still would use it if my joints better
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  16. 88GENERAL88

    88GENERAL88 Member

    I have actually really grown to like using masteron to lighten up my AI, like you said. I am pretty sensitive to e2 and during my last cruise, Running 250mg of masteron e Alongside 250mg of sust, allowed me to basically bypass the need for an AI.
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  17. EazyE

    EazyE Member

    I have always said that Winny was underrated by many. It can add an amazing quality look to the muscle. It provides decent strength gains. I like Winny at 50mg daily. Doesn’t seem to bother my joints at that dose.

    I haven’t used injectable versions for a long time. Usually the injectable was a Mexican vet product. I remember painful injections with it sometimes, but “no pain - no gain” was the order of the day back in the good old days!
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