I have had this issue in years past, but I was wondering if there is now an answer to this problem. You see, for many of my shots with Winstrol the syringe clogs and no Winstrol will pass thru. I have tried mixing it with some form of Test, and it works sometimes. I've been using 25 gauge needle, and really don't want to go bigger being that I take a shot everyday.
Any suggestions will be appreciated.

jim nemec

Junior Member
22g rotate injections, your going to keep running I m to this problem. Time to put the big boy pants on

Mr. Deltoid

Come on man really scared of a 23 g needle? Geeze , when I started I got all my rigs at the feed store and they were 21 g 1.5" I use 23g. now , I tried 25 g even after heating some gear can be a pain to plunge when pinning glutes.


it might be some shit, it should pass thought 25 gauge, even oil gets though if you push hard enough.


Member Supporter
That depends on how fine the winstrol is. 25g is small. I understand the every day injecting though.

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