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  1. Gbaby12

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    So unfortunately I've started a new job and gotten out of practice since I've been putting in long hours there instead of the gym. Well now I've settled in and I'm ready to get back at.

    The goal of this cycle is to recomp, get hard, get veiny, shed as much bodyfat as while gaining decent strength and lean bodymass.

    In past cycles I've taken some heavy stuff and packed on 20-30lbs. Then I would crash hard and lose alot of what I gained. Now I could never do that, my employers and girlfriend would know for sure if I blew up and I'd be in hot water. So I have to make slow subtle gains now that I can retain, and that people who don't know any better will think natty.

    I would use tren, but if I did I would lose my girlfriend, my job, probably my roommate, tren turns me into a paranoid psychopath.

    So here is the plan; I will be posting updates every week once I start.

    Week 1-20 creatine 5 grams ed
    Week 1-20 protein 3 shakes ed
    Week 1-20 fish oil ed
    Week 1-2 dbol 50mgs ed preworkout
    Week1-4 var 50mgs ed
    Week1-10 sus 500mg M-W-F
    Week1-12 EQ 450mg M-W-F
    Week4-14 adex .5 M-W-F
    Week8-12 mast p 400mg M-W-F
    Week10-14 Test P 400mg M-W-F
    Week12-14 provirion 25mg ed
    Week13-15 clen cycle ed pyramid
    Week10-14 Superdrol 20mg ed morning
    Week 15-16 DNP 200mgs ed before bed
    Week 16-20 pct Nolvla clomid morning
    Week 16-20 libido max/ goatweed ed

    Why? I plan on running a similar cycle over the summer and competing, I will also be doing photoshoots during the winter once my body is back together.

    I'm open to revisions, critic, etc. I always struggle hard on diet, so please if anyone can throw some meal ideas my way, food that a busy man who doesn't have a woman living with him can make that would be awesome.

    I dated a nutritionist for a while, unfortunately she was a vegan and gave me all these disgusting meals to make...

    but here is my current girlfriend!

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  2. Morefyah

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    That’s one of the worst cycle layouts I’ve ever seen. Dbol for two weeks stacked with var?
    Pick two compounds and call it a day. Your girl looks good thanks for sharing.
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  3. Gbaby12

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    I've gotten great results stacking dbol and var together in a past cycle. I have s
    dbol I need to get rid of anyways, would it not make a nice kickstart to the cycle?
  4. prkway

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    So Sus and EQ with a dbol/var kicker and ending off with a Mast P/Test P cutter, with a little superdrol in there?

    It’s not “typical” but not crazy out of the realm of possible gains, especially if you’re not looking for 30lbs.
    I react well to superdrol 20mgs/day and blow up(12-15lbs in 4 weeks)with lean gains so just watch out for that. Good luck man! Should be a nice little recomp.
    And about the two weeks of dbol, if it’s between tossing it and having a nice pump at the start of your cycle, go for it. Won’t help too much but won’t hurt either.
  5. Evom1

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    Week1-10 sus 500mg M-W-F
    1500mg a week is far excessive
  6. fodsod

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    I think he means 500 mg split into 3 injections a week.
  7. fodsod

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    Too much crap and way too complicated for what you're trying to do.

    It looks like some kind of a bastardized hybrid version of a bulk and cut combined and titled "recomp".

    Classic example of someone adding layers of PEDS without knowing what actually does what for them individually so they have to take all of it every time.

    You already admitted that you blow up 20-30# and then lose most of it. That should be an obvious hint that your approach is flawed.

    Sust is fine, EQ is fine, even the dbol is fine. Run the Sust and EQ the entire time and forget the other stuff. Add Mast in 1/2 way through or start it with the sust and eq. It'll help keep you from needing a lot of AI.

    Creatine should be in there year round regardless and the fish oil also.

    If you want to add in clen, sdrol, var and proviron you should run them with a minimal test cycle and see how they help then decide if they are a needed component in the next round.

    Oh and I see you struggle with diet. That explains the clen and DNP at the end of this mess. Diet is 90% of the game. I suggest you get your macros in order and stick to them so you can stop relying on PEDS to keep you partly in shape.
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  8. Evom1

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    Yes you're probably right, my mistake there. I assumed worst case scenario because there was so much stuff already
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  9. Wunderpus

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    I LOL'd at the DNP at the end of the cycle. It's almost like you're PLANNING to get fat....
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  10. fodsod

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    I thought the same thing initially so you're not alone.
  11. fodsod

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    *Insert audible sigh here* Honestly, I'm not sure why I even bothered to jump into this thread. It's not going to end well regardless.

  12. Gbaby12

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    I have used all these compounds in the past except for Mast and Eq. Everyone I know has told me to take mast instead of tren, that it will give me the same hard look. Also as you mention to help with estrogen issues, which I always struggle with my E2 end of cycle. my sex drive is out because of that so I take provirion.
    My appetite is usually in the toilet on cycle and my veins are there but thin, I want to take Eq to try and benefit that.

    Now why should I not take the prop towards the end? I want to switch esters to dry out and not have to wait as long to start my pct.

    90% of it is diet? yes that's an issue for me, I'm sick of eating chicken and rice, chicken and spinach, microwaved eggs, and it's really hard when the compounds I'm taking ruin my appetit.
    I need some easy recipes that don't taste like shit, fortunately the misses will be moving in soon and she can cook, I have no time to cook/prep. So as I said above I'm open to any meal recommendations, and I can adjust that into my macros accordingly.

  13. Gbaby12

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    Funny I've had this Dnp that's been lying around and I figured I would use the time off work to take it so I'm not feeling like ass at work. I'm switching to prop at the back end of my cycle to dry out and eating a maintenance almost deficit on superdrol, plus after running clen/dnp I will be sure to share pics of how fat I look...
  14. Gbaby12

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    Yep as far as superdrol goes for me I find that eating low carbs at maintenance I melt fat and get a few pounds of lean mass, Also love dbol as a preworkout and since it's about to expire anyways I dont see the harm in putting it to use at the front end of the cycle. but thank you, I will be posting updates once cycle begins.

  15. Morefyah

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    Prop won’t dry you out and you will feel like shit eating in a deficit on Superdrol because it thrives on Carbs and cals. Wrong compound for your goals.