Without China, where to buy?


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And you know raw sources and they’re shutting down business? Also how is it over there the I don’t believe our news. Is it worse than they’re saying or better
yes my friend the situation is very bad.
There are 30 million infected.
without treatment.
To supply a product.
very dangerous.


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Lol I know. I want to see what @Barış has to say. All signs say it's worse than reported. Talking with anyone with family from there I'm hearing similar things. Like 1/5 of the county is infected.
I just.
I learned from the people around.
I'm telling you the information.
if you think a little.
This situation. You can understand that the government is hiding from the public.


With this ban in China and the Coronavirus, where to buy steroid powder?
There's an old post of mine where I speculate on who the big chinese manufacturers might be (you look it up yourself, I don't have time for that).

BTW I just speculated on who they might be JUST FOR INFORMATION PURPOSES.
I'm not interested in trading steroids or any other illegal drugs myself.

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Of course the government there is downplaying the truth. Their response doesn’t match their words. They locked down an entire city! And tin foil hat time, but what a coincidence the protests have stopped.