Women & Proviron?

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    I have a close – very close – personal friend of the female species who has just begun birth control pills (about two weeks ago). It seems the increase in estrogen has cost her some sensitivity in those very special areas and she is bemoaning her its loss. Being a friendly guy, I of course want to be of help.:rolleyes:

    Now I intend to order up a supply of Anavar tabs for an 8 week run for her, beginning at 5 mg a day and increasing very gradually each week by 2.5 mg stages and trying to divide doses into morning and afternoon. I expect that will help. However, it'll be weeks before any such re-sensitizers arrive, so I was wondering about giving her half of a 50 mg proviron tab each day for few days in the meantime to see if it reawakens her full libido.

    I'm aware that too much of any androgen can bring about virilization symptoms, but provi seems a good replacement for the time being. (The gods must be laughing: Her birth control pills have cooled her just as my AAS have turned me into a blast furnace).

    Anyway, any reason why a mere 25 mg/ED of provi would be dangerous for an active healthy woman?

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    Can't say about the Proviron Solo, I just wanted to caution you on the Anavar dosing. From what I've read in the past 10mg seems to be a nice dosage for a female. Without knowing her stats I can't say whether or not this is an ideal dosage but I know that clitoral enlargement/early stages of verilization can occur with dosages as low as 15mg daily so be careful. If you're ramping up her dosage as you say and her libido begins to decline and her period gets all messed up it's time to taper back down toward the 10mg mark. Sorry I couldn't address your Proviron issue but I hope this helps.
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    Okay, with the var, Stealthy, won't go over 15 mg/ED. (But, man, nothing wrong with a little clitoral growth. That button as it stands is sometimes hard to find for certain in the dark:rolleyes:.)

    I'm giving her 25 mg of Provi tonight before I give her a long full-body hot oil massage. We'll see what transpires.[}:)]

    So Low
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    True. [:eek:)] Youre a trip bro. Keep us posted.
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    I definitely would not go over 15mg for a female with oxandrolone. I mean 15mg is on average is on the high end for a female and that is for a female cycling Anavar for competition not for getting her libido back. The average dosage is between 10-15mg daily and by the end of 8 weeks she would be taking about 22 almost 23mg/day which is on the low end dosage for men daily. And you are talking her taking this for basically 56 straight days. Plus you stated she just started taking her birth control just 2weeks ago so I assume she is still taking it and I am not sure if taking an c17 alkylated drug(although it is milder then most) with a birth control and mesterolone would be good for her liver.

    Plus I am not sure even if taken an androgen will have an effect on the effectiveness of her birth control but I am sure a physician would advise against it. Plus Mesterolone(proviron) acts closer to an anti-aromatization then an estrogen agonist/antagonist and has some effects on progesterone so I am not sure that is also a good ideal to add that along with Anavar all the while still on birth control.
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    Hi no-longer NoviceBB.

    In the first place, I won't give her mesterolone the same time as anavar. Just going to try it tonight and maybe a few days after Xmas. When the var arrives, no more proviron.

    In the second place, I will not overuse anavar, probably 10 mg/ED max. I am aware of the dangers. She is also athletic and works out, so I expect there will be benefits there too.

    But in the third place, it did occur to me that either the anavar or proviron may counteract the estrogen that makes her birth control pills prevent pregnancy. That would not be a good thing right now.:eek:

    Any females out there who can help me with advice?

    Guess I'll have to ask experts in gynecology to see if there's a danger in that. So where is Dennis (advanced exploration) or Reinheart (beginner exploration) anyway?;)

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    Hello there Solo,
    it feels sweet to know that someone is in need of my advice! =)

    I think a dose of Anavar up to 10mgs is enough for a female atlete plus, it doesn't convert to DHT. Proviron now is a different story since it is 1-methylated DHT. Like masteron, but then actually delivered in an oral fashion. So it's not a good idea. I hope this helps!

    Wish you all the best! =)
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    Hey bud,
    Using it a few times or here and there in moderate dosages on a female is probably fine. However, keep in mind it is basically nothing but DHT, an androgen, so high doses or prolonged use on a female is a bad idea.

    Best to you!
  9. Stormbringer

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    Solo, this whole things sounds like an experiment that you have come up wih for your sexual goals. LOL! I like your thinking! But as far as using Anavar while on BCP, this can be counterproductive if lets say she was attempting to get lean for a BBing show (estrogen levels too high). Now, if she is just trying to gain mass, she can run them together. And BTW, she is not going to run 20mgs of anavar for a couple of weeks and wake up with a dick like some of these people act like! I am not recco that she does that, but I just get irritated when you have all these peeps acting like viralization symptons that drastic happen from one high dose cycle.

    As far as her sex drive and the de sensitization effects that BCP's have on her, this is a common side effect. First thing, she needs to see if she is on normal dose BCP that are usually like 30 mg combo of estrogen / progest. If she is, she should switch to the low does BCP that are more in the range of 10 / 15mgs BCP and are still very effective at there job. This is probably going to help her libido more than Proviron!

    I know a lot of women on juice, and trained with them and helped them with there competition prep. Some I got to see do there first cycles, some I have dated that have been running cycles for years. Let me tell you, that all of them are effected differently as far as libido. Some cycles have made them to sensitive to even touch their clit and other cycles had me begging for help when they were humping me to death.

    My experience with DHT derivatives like Pro and masteron - Not good with women and tends to have to many emotional side

    Inj Primo and Inj Winstrol - OMG!!!! Thank the good lord I work out.

    Anavar - Pretty good but not out of this world.

    Deca - believe it or not, very good at very low doses combined with the Primo or Winstrol.

    All of them react differently and what might make them wild one time, might not do much the next time, you never know. Also, most womens Menstrual cycle will shut down even from 10 mg of anavar. Most. Still depends on the woman. I am sitting here with one now who also said she should defenitely run the anavar at least twelve weeks or she is not going to gain much.

    Hang in there Bro and let us know how it goes!
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    Much appreciations, Stormbringer, for this intelligent, comprehensive, & open-minded response. Thank your friend too.

    Think I will avoid the provi, though things today were almost like those halcyon pre-BCP days. (I just returned home from Xmas with my old dad in a nursing home, so maybe she missed me.)

    It's not me experimenting on her, however. She's really pissed at the effect the BCPs have had on her orgasms. Her train still gets to the station, but it just doesn't arrive with all the steam venting, brakes screeching, and the whistles blowing. She just doesn't scream the roof off then break down in tears of relief like she used to. (No, it ain't me. I'm doing the same these days, only better.:rolleyes:) So she wants me to do something for her. Either that or get myself cut, and, after seeing how that made a friend's balls swell up like baseballs, a vasectomy is not my first choice. Guess I'm scared selfish.

    She won't inject, so that leaves my oral winnies or order her some var: Hookay, I'll get her a run of Anavar if she agrees to hit the gym at least every second day. The rest I'll let Nature take care of.;)


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    Thats great Solo, love it when that happens! Hopefully the ana will take care of that. Let me know how it is going. Have a Good New Year!