Womens Anavar and HGH bulk cycle

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    This is a log from my wife
    After researching the effects of Anavar on women, I found that there are not many records of female Anavar bulk cycles. I hope that my account will be informative for those who are interested in doing one. My starting stats were 134 lbs, 5'3", 21% bf. Waist 28.5 " thighs 23.5" lats 38.4" biceps 13" calfs 15" neck 13". Bench max 155. Squat max 215. Deadlift max 275. Goal is to add muscle, mass and strength. Diet is target of 2700-3000 calories a day. <20% fat, 30-40% protine, 50-60% carbs. I know this is a big variation in macros but it works better this way to keep a little more variety in my diet and this way be more consistent calories overall. Not a clean eating cycle. The cycle I am running is GP Anavar and blue top HGH fromnapsgear. Cycle is Var 5 mg each for the first week. Then 10 mg a day (5mg AM and PM) for 8 weeks. Taper for 5 mg for a week and then 2.5mg for the last week. HGH started on week 3 of the cycle, and began at 4 IU a day split dose morning and early afternoon, but was cut down to 2 IU a day due to side effects of carpel tunnel. Workout is cardio for 30 min, 3-5 days a week. Lift 5 or 6 days a week, 60-120 min. Will be logging every few days.

    Day 4- 5mg Var
    134 lbs
    Getting hungry more often especially in the early morning hours. Having trouble sleeping and staying asleep.

    Day 7- 10mg Var
    138 lbs
    Starting to really feel it now. Tired and more aggressive. Women parts have gotten sensitive. Gym sessions getting easier and longer already. Hard to eat all my meals.

    Day 11- 10mg Var
    137 lbs
    More aggressive in the gym with crazy pumps and higher sex drive. I’ve been taking sleep aid nightly due to the insomnia.

    Day 18- 10mg Var, 4IU HGH
    140 lbs
    Added HGH to the stack. Hopefully will help with insomnia. Been waking up insanely hungry and have to eat almost first thing.

    Day 22- 10mg Var, 2IU HGH
    141 lb
    PMS week on juice is a bitch especially since sleeping is still rough. Eating so many meals has gotten easier. Biceps have gotten to 13 7/8in pumped.

    Day 23- 10mg Var, 2IU HGH
    144 lbs
    Pinned the HGH myself instead of my husband doing it. It was kind of fun J

    Day 30- 10mg Var, 3IU HGH
    145 lbs
    Agressive AF but PMS and steroids don’t mix! Sex drive has gone back down and I believe it’s due to the fact that I am PMSing and grumpy. 14" arms with pump. Losing a lot of local BF on inner thighs and other HGH injection sites.

    Day 32- 10mg Var, 3IU HGH
    146 lbs
    HGH is helping the insomnia so I can actually sleep through the night better. Feeling heavier all the time kinda sucks/is awesome.

    Day 33- 10mg Var, 3IU HGH
    146 lbs
    Deadlifted 315lbs!!! Arm pumps are so good I can’t straighten my arms. Considering second cycle in the future.

    Day 36- 10mg Var, 2IU HGH
    148 lbs
    Started my period and cramps are much worse than normal. Very bloated.

    Day 40- 10mg Var, 2IU HGH
    Period was very light but lasted all 5 days. Hands and joints have been swollen and sore possibly due to the rate that I’m growing.

    We haven't measured BF recently but we estimate I may have lost about 2%. We got everything fromnapsgear. They delivered fast and results have been great. Current other sides are negligible. No clit enlargement, singing voice is slightly off, no acne, no unwanted body hair. I do have to shave legs and pits much more often due to the HGH. Will continue to update as the cycle continues.
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    I'm bulking as well and it was only day 2 on 5mg for me and my woman parts have already gotten sensitive as well as my increase in sex drive.
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    Day 43-10mg Var, 2IU HGH
    Hormones spiked again since my period has ended and sex drive has gone back up.

    Day 48-10mg Var, 2IU HGH
    Weight is starting to maintain. Didn’t get enough calories this week due to work hours though. Joints still sore and hurt.

    Day 50-10mg Var, 2IU HGH
    Finally reached 150lbs! HGH has made it very hard for muscles to get sore which is awesome so I can lift everyday without getting tired.

    Day 52-10mg Var, 2IU HGH
    Last day of HGH supply. Kind of sad about that. Hopefully the insomnia will not get too bad again. I will be taking sleep aids to keep that from happening though.

    Day 53-10mg Var
    No HGH :( Maxed squats at 245lbs.

    Day 56-10mg Var
    Maxed my bench at 175lbs.

    Day 59-5mg Var
    Started my taper from 10mg to 5mg. Deadlift max ended at 315lbs. Without the HGH I have started to feel more sore in the muscles.

    This was a very successful bulk and I am more than happy with the results. I see another cycle in the future with a clean diet next time. I gained a little body fat as expected due to my diet.
    Ending stats:
    Max Bench- 155 to 175lbs
    Max Deadlift- 275 to 315lbs
    Max Squat- 205 to 245lbs
    Arms- 13 to 14.25in
    Hips around butt- 38.5 to 40in
    Lats- 38.25 to 40in
    Thighs- 23.5 to 24.5in
    Neck- 13.25 to 13.5in
    Calves- 15 to 15.75in
    I will be tapering off the Var for the next 14 days doing 5mg a day for 7 days and then 5mg every other day for the last 7. I will be trying to maintain and cement my gains in and settle my new body weight at 148 to 150lbs.