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    Doing a Meet in october, It'll be my first. Its an RPS meet, 24 hour weigh in. As of tomorrow I'm 7 weeks out. I will be competing in the 220 class with a 24 hour weigh in, AM weight is 210 and walking around at 215 depending on time of day, not planning on cutting weight. This is more of a loosing my virginity thing and just need to jump in.

    Program; Raw Conjugate, ME DE type split

    Gym PR's
    Squat; 415x2 Buffalo Bar, Sleeves. 385x4 Sleeves. 425x2 Regular Bar light wraps
    Bench: 315x2 paused. 325x1 TNG (ass left the bench)
    Deadlift: 500 x1 Stiff bar, 495x2(Hitched a 3rd) Deadlift Bar

    Soviet Sports Supplements:
    Started this week, (was previously Crusing on 150 test C a week)
    500 Test C a week
    125mg Deca a week
    50mg Dbol daily/ 25mg split dose
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    I'm in...moral support
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    Tuesdays Training

    ME Upper:
    Comp Bench
    325x1 (ass came off, and it was a grinder)

    Long Pause Bench
    225 lb 3 Sets x5

    Dbell Side Lateral Raises
    20,25,30,35 lb x15,15,15,12 reps

    Dbell curls
    30,35,40 lbs 10,10,10

    Seated Swissbar Cable Rows
    80,100,120 12,12,10

    Ab wheel Rollouts
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    I'm interested in that style of training. Been meaning to try it for awhile.
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    Todays Training
    DE Lower:

    Dynamic Squats to a box with mini red bands(100lb tension at the top?)
    Bar+Bands x10
    135+Bands x3 x2
    185+Bands x7 x3

    Rack Pulls 10" above the floor
    315x5 x2
    225+185lbs of bands x6 sets x2 reps

    Leg Press
    sled+200lb x12
    sled+400lb x 12,10

    Rev Hyper Machine
    90lb x4 set x15 reps
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    In. Get it man
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    Meat log? :rolleyes:
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    Loves me some meat log
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    Go get it big guy!
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    So...Star Trek singlet?
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    Of course i’m following his meat log!
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    This needs to happen.
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    Thirsty ass
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    That shirt is almost as trailer as those shirts with the animals and planets with tye dye. Flea market special

    I actually ordered the Titan Triumph
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    What about Star Wars?
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    I liked the first 3, well 4.5.6 or what ever the fuck. I couldnt get into the new ones. I wouldnt be caught dead wearing a star trek or star wars, anything syfi tbh
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