work out schedule

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by kzk, Jan 4, 2004.

  1. kzk

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    i need o got work out WEEKLY WORK OUT schedule
    my goals are the be a beast lol str8 nasty.
    i`m 5 `7 180.00 age 25
    right now i`m taking ripped fuel
  2. garyzilla

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    Workout Schedule


    It is not not that simple just to tell you do this and that. It takes a while to find a good workout schedule, becasue somethings will work for you and some will not. The key to being getting cut and ripped and huge is diet. diet is eveything as well as proper rest. I would recommend doing the basics: Bench press, Squat, and dead lift. Do about 6 reps of each to see how your body handles it. Then add some other lifts later. PM me anytime I would be gald to help you out.
  3. ThePatriot

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    If your interested in a workout I have one saved on my comp here. Just pm me and Ill send it your way. Its a good mass adding workout. But you have to be determined.