working out with partial tendon tear

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by stevonov, Aug 14, 2018.

  1. stevonov

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    Have bad pain on the tip of the bone on my elbow after some skull crushers. P.T. said it felt like partial tear and that I might need surgery. made an appt. with a stem cell doc to do some imaging to see if its really torn cause it doesn't feel to painfull. appointment is next week. should I work throught it, work around it, or just take the week off.
  2. stevonov

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    also bought some Nordic elbow sleeves.
  3. brutus79

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    Take time off.
  4. jaymaximus

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    You need time to let it rest and heal. I had a torn tricep tendon that I didn't take care of and it ruptured, still haven't gotten it fixed.
  5. stevonov

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    I suppose dropping winny would be wise also.
  6. stevonov

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    had ultrasound not torn. its inflamed and has a calcium deposit against bone doc said Calcific tendonitis. He wants to do prp injection but its 900 out of pocket.