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Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by CallmeAndy, Oct 18, 2018.

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    Hey guys looking for some advice. Ive been working out now for just over a year religously. Im still new at this. So my question is, whats a better way:
    Working one muscle group per day like:
    Or is it better to work two muscle groups per day. ?
    Also i have been searching online for workout routines but theres so much out there its hard to pin point a good one. I find myself not sticking to an exact routine. Im always looking for a better one. Anyways any advice would be much appreciated.
    Thank you
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    What works for someone else might not work for you, and vice versa. If you don't like routines then just do what you feel like needs to be worked on when you go to the gym. Don't be that guy who works out arms every day though.
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    Sounds good
    Sounds good thanks
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    I like this split though


    Cardio, abs, and forearms can be thrown in whenever you want, depending on your goals.
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    Right on man...i will look fpr workouts that go with that split
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    IMO the biggest you're going to get in the fastest time is by doing HIT style workouts. Dorian Yates style, Mike Mentzer type routines will throw constant size on you quick.

    If I could go back in time I would have take my Arnold encyclopedia of bodybuilding and trashed it
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  7. CallmeAndy

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    Ok i will check these out online thanks
  8. Look into Layne Norton’s “PHAT” program. I believe that has great structure for any experience level. You can find the templates on google.
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    Ive been following some of your post and i see you talk about these...thanks. I will check these out. Ive been looking at athlene X Jeff Cavalier....he seems very knowledgeable just not what im looking for. Im gonna have a look at the phat program from what i read its hardcore a bit
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    Best advice I can give to a guy just starting out is probably to just keep it simple! I see young dudes with no mass to speak of doing these really elaborate advanced routines that they probably read about on Stick to the basics, flat bench- squats- deadlifts-standing overhead press, these are big basic exercises that routines should be based around. I see too many small guys spending way too much time on things like cable fly’s, and machines, save that for when you build up some good mass and strength. Just my 2c.
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  11. Jeff Jippard has some good programs as well for all levels and of course John Meadows would be a step up. But still great programs
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    Check out Steve Shaw’s YouTube channel. Very simple and straightforward power building programs.
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    I second this PHAT has treated me well over the last 20 weeks or so.
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  14. I’m honestly thinking about going back to it once I finish up The Gauntlet and this blast.
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    I bet it was good for me, but I need a change and think it will also help with my goals to switch to PX.... You have done well with Meadows too.
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