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    Its always good to change it up and shock the body to make gains. Im always looking for new routines and work outs. If you have any secrets or routines let's hear them. As you can see I get alot of stuff from AnabolicMinds.

    German Volume Training (Understanding how it works)

    GVT Routine

    8 week Program for Strength and Size (Could be great while on a cycle)

    High Intensity Techniques (Arnold believed this is what seperated him from the rest)
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    I believe to each is own. What works for you may not work for me. I am a 1 body part a day kind of guy. I go hardest on chest and arms. Lots and lots of sets.when doing arms I superset everything biceps/triceps, ten triceps/biceps. Alternating between exercises. Lately my body shock has been do a set rest 10-20 secs do another set. All with a comfortable weight. It's been keeping my body sore. IMO meso needs more training discussions. It's what we all love to do and spend lots of time and money doing it... Train hard meso ;)
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    @pmac928 when you do lots of sets, what rep range do you target?
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    When doing triceps say behind the next presses I'll go into the 20 rep count with say a 90lb dumbell opposed to the 120 I can do 6-8xs. By my 20th rep my triceps are on fire. But it's different per body part. Usually 15-20
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    I totally agree that MESO needs more discussion on training. In fact the training and nutrition forums are the first place I head when I log in. I have not even been in the underground in a few days because I've been so busy lately....I'm behind.
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    Gotta catch up lots going on. I'm addicted to meso. So many knowledgable members in every aspect of training and bb. I've learned more here in a few months then I have in 10 years...
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    I agree, AAS can only do so much. Its far better to have a solid foundation before jumping on anything. Seen alot of guys wanting a miracle without putting in the work.
  10. Here is a basic Upper / Lower split I ran for very a short amount of time (good for an intermediate level lifter).

    The purpose of this routine was to increase my frequency a little bit to facilitate more strength gains. I was essentially looking to gain some quick strength on my major lifts training with a 10 rep max. Works good, but personally I like P/P/L. PPL allows me to use more variety in exercise selection which is beneficial once you get really strong and the progressive overload slows down.


    Chest Supported Row
    Dumbbell Lateral Raise
    Lying Cable Curl
    Rope Pressdown

    additionally you should add another row (I like seated row) or a horizontal fly (reverse pec deck fly) so back volume is higher than chest (useful for aesthetic / postural reasons / shoulder health)


    Romanian Deadlifts
    Front Squat
    Single legged Leg Extension
    Single legged Leg Curl
    Std. Calf Raise
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    fst-7 at the end of workouts.

    whats the recommended frequency on high volume high rep workouts? once every month or so per body part?
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    I'm a powerlifter so I train differently than most bodybuilders but after over 30 years of training my best gains have come on splits of at least 5 days per week hitting each body part a minimum of three times every two weeks.

    Lots of good powerlifting programs out there if you are looking for strength gains.
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    I would love some good powerlifting programs. Splits are pretty old school, but Arnie swore by them. If I had more time I would be down for them.
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  17. What do you think about the Sheiko powerlifting program? I do a bodybuilding oriented routine with P/P/L and I don't do any of the big-3 lifts (I do dips,incline,front squat, romanian deadlift etc instead of flat bench, back squat, deadlift), but I'd still like to give a serious power-lifting program a run at some point in time.

    It seems really appealing for me and I'd definitely like to try it out at some point, especially because of how high the volume is and how heavy the poundages and workloads are. Any thoughts on this program? The Russians have never steered me wrong when it comes to information on training systems :)

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    There are a whole bunch of Sheiko templates, somewhere in the neighborhood of 30+ as my understanding is they all come from Boris Sheiko programming them for his different lifters. They all feature heavy volume in the 80 to 90% range.

    I know a lot of guys who have made strong progress on Sheiko programs. If you want to try it I would change your programming to include flat benching and squats for at least a month and then test your maxes on each as those will be the numbers the entire Sheiko cycle will be based upon.

    Also make sure that you have your form on both movements completely dialed in before trying Sheiko, if you don't you significantly raise the risk of injury.

    Once you've done both of those things give it a run and I think you will like it.

    Sorry for the hijack Ozzy.
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