Workout twice a day with Insulin & HGH, help with stack.


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Atm my stack with slin and hgh is. (Rest of my gear is on point) Atm im building muscle

10iu Slin a day only training days.
5iu Hgh a day 2iu shot in the morning and 3iu shot preworkout in the afternoon.

Now my new plan is working out 2 twice a day. Test my progress


Morning: Triceps
Afternoon: Biceps

Morning: Hams
Afternoon: Quads

Whats the best way to use my slin & HGH? Time between workouts gonna be about 8-10hours

Morning: 2iu HGH Preworkout and 5iu Slin postworkout
Evening: 3iu HGH Preworkout and 5iu Slin postworkout

Someone got any advice for me?

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