World record for most naked people in photo

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Meat Train, Jun 28, 2004.

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    Meat Train

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    Yeah-- I guess some photographer guy named Spencer was in Ohio this week, and got together 274 naked men and women to photograph them in public altogether.

    They interviewed some people on the news-- they all said "We love art. We love his art". All the guys were lying-- What I would have said: "yes, I love Spencer's wor... What the fuck am I saying? I came here to see naked women!!!"

    Odds are there were at least 150 naked women in the crowd. Think about it? Finally you could use pick-up lines like "Nice shave job" or " I like your nipples". Women could go around picking the guys with "horse ancestry"-- and know right away.

    So, if he comes to your town, don't miss the opportunity!

    Next should be most naked people having sex in public in a pic!
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    thick Junior Member

    so wheres the pic?
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    moneyman Junior Member

    Pic please!
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    Meat Train

    Meat Train Junior Member

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    Meat Train

    Meat Train Junior Member

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