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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by KBD, Jul 14, 2010.

  1. KBD

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    Although many believe it is a myth that Rage comes from the use of AAS, but im living prove that tren makes people angry.

    Have you guys ever came close to literally killing someone? lol.

    Cmon Meathead i know you got some input in on this, you love tren dont u :D.
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  2. IronCore

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    I had to lock myself in my office to prevent jumping over a vp's desk and choking the shit out of him... he pissed me off while working out via email to my mobile... I threw a 65 lb dumbbell and proceeded to walkout of the company gym towards his office... I had a minute to think about it and walked into my office locked the door and broke some more shit... Once I settled down I went back to the gym and finished my routine....:popcorn:
  3. Get Some

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    I have a close friend who threw a guy off a 2nd story balcony of an apartment complex and then proceeded to piss on him from the top of the balcony while he was laying there with a seemingly broken leg.

    If this were an awards show, that account would certainly take home "best picture"
  4. KBD

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    I was waiting at a light and some guy came out of walgreens and started dissing on my mustang saying fords suck, And i said he had 5 seconds to turn his ass around before i came over there, and he replied "Come over here faggot" and attempted to throw a beer bottle at my car, so i went over there.

    BUT what he thought i was gonna do was get out of the car and fight him.. Nah.. I attempted to try and run his punk ass over, it was hilarious to see him in front of my car running like a bitch.

    That was my tren Anadrol Suspension cycle Btw :D
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    I may add a great story to this string soon. I work with some real assholes I mean so real dicks. In any case I have gotten very close recently to choking someone blue here. I had too put pictures of my daughters all over my desk but today that almost did not help. I started a tren cycle now and this could be the thing that pushes me over the top. I will keep you guys posted.
  6. BarbellBeast

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    love it!

    On tren at least once a day I get to the point where I feel 2 seconds away from throwing a punch, shit even seeing another guy look angry gets me ready to fight. but being a bigger lean guy I'm already a target for steroid accusations and I know that's what everyone wants to see to prove that I'm juicing, so I always manage to calm down. On another forum a guy named tren "divorce in a bottle"
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    Very rarely on many accassions
  8. BBC3

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    That ones a no brainer. Just do what I do. Keep a ballon full of piss handy at all times. Next time just get in your car and toss it on his car when you drive off.... You would be supprised how often and how many ways a piss balloon can come in handy...[:eek:)]:popcorn:

  9. meetcake

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    lol @ piss baloon...
  10. Bigpullin

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    I slammed a 220 lb powerlifter because he thought I took his lifting belt.Well the mofo is mine and I'm not giving it up because you lost yours.He was mistaken and raging too so it got handled man to man and I won.

    Two weeks ago I dropped my 6'3" 340 lb father in law when he and his sister decided to jump my ass at a 4th of July party I hosted at my house.When I was kicking off in his ass she hit me from behind with a chair.I took it away from her,grabbed a handful of her hair and slung her about 10' across the room.She thumped her head on the wall and was done at that point.She is a violent schitzophrenic that the entire family hates,I was just the first to handle her violent tendencies in a more assertive manner.Father in law received two black eyes,broken nose and various knots and lumps on his head.He was going to get the boots but my son brought me back to reality when he yelled DAD STOP.I thought it was really stupid of them to attack a athletic 250 lb man 20 yrs their junior with 12%bf.

    I called the police and had them escorted off the property.I wasn't charged with anything because I told them to leave repeatedly and they attacked me.I could have pressed charges but didn't have the heart after the beating they took.I've wanted to hammer both of them for about 15 yrs due to them talking shit to my kids about me behind my back.

    Needless to say the in laws don't have a warm fuzzy feeling toward me.

    My brother in law is next on my list.He likes to be Mr grabass around the ladies and he has grabbed the wrong asses.He touched my 19 yr old daugther in law and my wife's ass on numerous occasions.They didn't tell me because they were afraid I'll go to jail.Well I found out and asked them if it was true and they said it was.So when I see him he has a sucker punch coming and I'm going to stomp his nuts to help cure his urge to violate helpless women when their man isn't around.I might pistol whip him if the urges strikes me.
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    But FORD does suck.....:popcorn:
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    Wait bro... Is this your sisters husband... or your wifes brother? either way it is inexcusable... just a little more fucked on way than the other....

    How about just letting your son fuck him up for GP... or at least drop some bo's after you lay him down for a nap...
  13. Michael Scally MD

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    How about murder? I am sure many have heard this. There are a number of case law cites trying to use AAS as a reason for murder. Their use is to minimize the crime. Check out these real-life crimes (attached). [It did not help their case!]

    I was an expert witness in a criminal trial for rage in a person with androgen induced hypogonadism (AIH)! Interestingly, in the over thousand patients I treated, I never saw 'roid rage. Of course, they were visiting to treat AIH. If they were prescribed AAS, they were in published clinical doses. I did see a number of anger issues in self-medication with t3 and over dosing T4.

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    Roids make me super happy all the time. I think more clearly and just want to eat, sleep, fuck and train.

    BUT.....clenbuterol, that's a different story, I remember breaking all my kitchen furniture while arguing with my now ex wife.

    ONE TIME I chimped out while on tren. Someone rolled a joint and didnt tell me he put crack in it. I after 2 hits I knew something was wrong. So I broke a glass bottle over his head and beat him up the stairs while he begged for forgiveness and his life.

    But I probably would have done that to him anyway..... Tren or not.
  15. Lizard King

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    Stopped taking tren after I almost stabbed my roommate at the the time with a spoon I was eating cottage cheese with. [}:)]
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    rofl best 1 yet!!!
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    lol j/p :D
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    Shit bro a little crack and you get all bent outta shape! Next youre going to tell me heroin isnt good for increasing REM sleep!:rolleyes:

    LK, you gotta be pissed when you use a spoon to stab someone! Youre like the MacGyver of roid rages!