Worst Rage Story

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by KBD, Jul 14, 2010.

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    This is a very alarming thread, lol.
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    bump....I wanna read more of these:popcorn:
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    Same here!!! :D:popcorn:
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    I went to dunkin donuts today and the lady got my fucking order wrong 3 times she finally said it right and told me to pull up to the window. She completely had EVERYTHING wrong again, i ordered a sweet tea and i got a coffee, well my good ol buddy tren kicked in and i threw the fucking coffee back inside and drove off without paying. The 2 major things that piss me off, is people driving and fast food places that get your fucking orders wrong.
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    I was finishing up my legs yesterday with ext and curl super sets and some old man crept in the middle and hopped on my machine. Instead of asking him politely to work in I just leaned over the front of the machine and put my face about 6 inches away from his and stared while he tried to ignore me and finish his set. I think the faint beeping I heard was his pacemaker. [}:)]

    -Sorry if that was you BBC [:eek:)]
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    There was this guy on a forum... and he was a total douche... I MEAN A REAL TWAT!... and he kept posting really asinine posts...repeatedly... and everyone on the forum REALLY wanted to fuck this kid up very badly... SO BAD that when they typed they where cracking the keys on their keyboards and keys where popping off... almost to the point of punching there monitors...

    But, deep down they all knew this little jerk off was a 135lbs 14 year old prick who liked to lick his dads dirt undies... and knew he wasn't worth the trouble... So one day (in the future) a few of them got together and found this little fucker... and he decided it was best of he just left meso... :eek:
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    What? Are you saying the only reason I carry around a piss balloon, is because its attached to my leg on the end of a catheter line:eek:[:eek:)]..... Kodgers have their strengths.....

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    You gotta love self-sarcasm!!!! ROFLOL!!! [:eek:)][:eek:)][:eek:)]
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    This is a somewhat alarming thread. However, it only exemplifies youth I thnk, moreso than roid rage..... There is no question that a totally unmitigated ABUSE of steroids could lead to aggressive behavior. To deny this would be insanity. Obviously, the more androgenic, the higher the risk for foolish behavior. Probably has a little to do with propensities and learning too.

    While this thread does not do anything to pull the wool and promote the proper and safe use of AAS, it tells some small truths of a somewhat real potential issue, but more rare.

    MAYO, you need to go ahead and come clean. We all know that old bastard did somethiing to deserve it. Many in the gym have issues. I was looking at this fucker the other day just sitting there with this shitty smurk on his face. "The Businessman" we used to call him. He's an asshole, always was an asshole, now hes leaving middle age to old and pissed off more than ever. I just couldn't help but want to cagg him when he pick up his 20's. But we don't......

    So the truth in this thread while ugly, still holds the reality of control. BUT DONT EVER FORGET HOW CLOSE WE SKATE THE LINE. All of you. Has nothing to do with JUICE, its just fucking natural and part of life....

    Further regarding steroids fueling hostile behavior. I never have had issues with testosterone supplementation and only beginning after 35. I could pin all the test in the world and never have the hostile propensity I had as 17-27. It might make me agitiated, but not in a hostile sense. More like sickly. Perhaps experience... Learning is a bitch I am here to tell you. Something about the hard way...

    AND NO, I am NOT EVEN 40..... Little shits.......:eek::D
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    There is something to be said abut that statement... while i am no where near the age you are old fella... I can agree that during those years of my life I did seem to have a bit more to prove than I do know... I never really understood the saying "with age comes wisdom" but the older I get the more I see it...

    what like 39 and 3/4...and holding???
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    Although this thread has been quite entertaining and amusing, what many of us don't realize is that when you are juicing you are really representing the entire steroid community. When one goes off and rages, and is clearly someone that works out, outsiders commonly will assume steroids are involved. This is what contributes to the demonetization of steroids. I consider raging anything you do out of anger that you would not normally have done when not on a cycle. Obviously there are different degree's of this, from maybe yelling at someone, to put your hand through their face.

    I'm not saying I am perfect and have never experienced how wonderful tren can be, but I have never gotten to the point where I get physical with someone or something. It may be due to my age (I'm 33) as I had grown out of the "prove myself 20's" before I started cycling. I have always been conscious of my actions to prevent people from thinking I use steroids. In my line of work I need to keep it that way if I want to keep my career.

    All I am saying here bro's is when you are cycling and feel like going off, try and remember, you are representing all of us. Think about all the headlines that hit the news when someone had been associated with juicing.... None of it did us favors. All it does is make it more and more difficult for us down the line.
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    Age is definitely a factor here. Most people who experience "roid rage" are people who are hot-headed to begin with. In your 20s you have less "family time" to worry about (for most of us) and more "me" time on your hands. Everyone wants to be the badass in your 20s. It's the mentality that you take with you. In that aspect, it's the RESULTS of the roids that cause that rage rather than the actual compounds themselves. It's a purely psychological effect. Think about it, if you suddenly gain 20-50 lbs in just a few years (or less), you are going to feel like the big cat in your neighborhood. You have to keep up that persona with your attitude.

    On the same token, there are plenty of people who are "small" by our standards yet display the same type of rage associated with steroids. Of course, the media doesn't see it that way because we live in a cause/effect type world. The mainstream media will rarely report on something without a solid scapegoat. For example, if it was proven that "natural" BBers across the country were beating up other people with frequency I doubt we would see a big news story on it. However, if those same people were to be found using AAS....hell yes we would hear all about it and how steroids are "ruining society." It's all a bunch of bullshit. You'll never see them interviewing doctors that study AAS either. In my lifetime I have never met doctor that shares the same views as Doc Scally.

    We'll all be roid ragers forever in the eyes of the uneducated American public.
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    Exactly. I have not even looked now... And dont want to as TO WHICH DUMBSHIT WOULD START THIS THREAD.. Fucking Dimbwit... Dont forget you got a cockbag douche stuffed up your stupid ass nose... Dork Fuckin pig....
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    and what might be your fucking problem BRO?

    My last thread wasnt to ask people to post their fucking faces up dick cheese. It was actually to show my video off until that fucking piece of shit started talking about how jacked he was and was trash talking others.

    I posted my fucking youtube and my pictures on this forum.

    Next time you have a thought.. Just let it go.
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    It was a thought. You are a loose cannon. It did not need to be let go. The point is valid. Its a bad thread....:) Just take the point for whatever its worth.. You know you're ok. Just live and learn youngbuck......

    You are running TOO HOT.. Its gonna get you somewhere. Stop.....
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    Well jesus christ dude i seriously looked like you were pissed, how the hell was i suppose to know lol. Sry man.
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    I think we all need to take a step back, cool down, and realize what a tremendous faggot STFUandLift is...... [:eek:)]

    And yes, I am making a reference to the skull crusher thread, redirect the hate people lol
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    this thread has been very entertaining
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    Figure Id add in a story to the thread. Im not on AAS or nothin, just got really pissed today. I was drivin to work( about 15 min late) and this dumbass black guy decides to stand in the middle of the road and force me to come to a complete stop. And he wouldnt move. Just stood there sayin random shit, makin me even more late. So I got out of my truck and told him if he didnt move I was gonna beat his ass and then proceed to run over him. Damn, I can only imagine my temper if i was juicin.......:D