Would like to make a comeback transformation..


My teenage years I was about 400+lbs until I hit 17 and decided to drop some weight. I did it naturally. Took me 8 months. I hate nothing but turkey burgers and dropped down to 250lbs. At 250 I took a little juice (anadrol, winny, anavar)for 3 weeks which got me so muscular I decided that it was enough.. Back then I just wanted to look good and fuck with the females. I kept weight off for a for years. Got a girlfriend and somehow got up to 380 not surprisingly she dumped my ass. I went on a starvation diet and got down to 230 in 3 months with high amounts of Adipex, t3&t4, a lot of redline, and a lot of working out. A year or so later I lost my license and was home bound. Gained a bunch of weight. I was now 320.. Stayed that way until I got a girlfriend then I skyrocketed to 450 (still no license).. After a couple years in that relationship not surprisingly she cheated on me and then dumped my ass. I was devasted. Got my license back though around same time. Got my shit together. With just some Adipex and a lot of redline and working out couple times a day I got down to 320 in a few months. Stayed that way for years with a few cycles of some winny and anavar. Now due to some events over the last several years I've fluctuated between 320 to 400 ..back and forth.

So here I am at 400 pounds daydreaming how I used to look at 17-19 all muscular and shit.

I know how to lose weight. Once I put my mind to it I'm good. The problem is keeping it off. The other problem is that every time I lose it I lose it quick and don't really gain that much muscle and I don't ever have good exit strategy.

When I was 17 I lost weight but kept it off in my opinion because I had huge muscle mass. Which meant my natural metabolism was through the roof. All the other times I lost weight I was just getting smaller.

This time I want to do what I did the first time. First get smaller. But then gain major amount of muscle mass. This is my game plan. Tell me what you think.

I have my mind up.. I don't need anyone's bullshit hazing. Keep it 100% as I am!

Cutting Cycle

Weeks 1-2: 40mcg Clenbuterol
Weeks 1-2: 25mcg T3
Weeks 1-2: 18.7mg Adipex

Weeks 3-6: 80mcg Clenbuterol
Weeks 3-6: 50mcg T3
Weeks 3-6: 37.5mg Adipex

Weeks 7-8: 120mcg Clenbuterol
Weeks 7-8: 75mcg T3
Weeks 7-8: 37.5mg Adipex


Tapering T3 & Adipex

Week 1: 50mcg T3
Week 2: 25mcg T3
Week 1: 18.7mg Adipex
Weeks 1-2: NO Clenbuterol


Anabolic Cycle
*Start week 1 of tapering t3

Weeks 1-2: 30mg D-Bol (ed)
Weeks 3-5: 40mg D-Bol (ed)
Week 6: 50mg D-Bol (ed)

Week 1-16: 650mg Test Sust(1.2ml x2wk)
Week 1-16: 480mg EQ (1.2ml x2wk)
Week 10-16: 400mg Tren Ace (1ml eod)
Week 11-16: 50mg Anadrol (ed)
Week 1-16: 25mg Aromasin (ed)
Week 2-16: 80mcg Clenbuterol (ed)


Post Cycle Therapy
*Start 2 weeks after last injection

Weeks 1-4: 50mg Clomid
Weeks 1-4: 20mg Nolvadex


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If you read my entire post you'd know that I'd obviously in no way shape not form do a cycle at this size!!!

The first 8 weeks I'd use Adipex, t3, Clenbuterol plus I take Benadryl which will clean my receptors to help me go for those 8weeks straight.

I plan on being 270-280 by the time I start anabolic.

I thought I laid out plan real clear... The anabolic phase does NOT start until
AFTER cutting phase. So even though anabolic phase says week 1-so on.. It's actually 8 weeks out!!


You're 400 pounds.. There is no reason to be using any fat burning compounds, they are one of the reasons you have a history of rebounding, at 400 lbs you could just wave your arms and lose weight.

The only thing I would consider for you would be a TRT dose of test based on bloodwork but again I don't think you even need it. Time to get friendly with the elliptical if you want this to be sustainable.


AnabolicLab.com Supporter
If you read my entire post you'd know that I'd obviously in no way shape not form do a cycle at this size!!!

The first 8 weeks I'd use Adipex, t3, Clenbuterol plus I take Benadryl which will clean my receptors to help me go for those 8weeks straight.

I plan on being 270-280 by the time I start anabolic.

I thought I laid out plan real clear... The anabolic phase does NOT start until
AFTER cutting phase. So even though anabolic phase says week 1-so on.. It's actually 8 weeks out!!

FYI it's a big misconception people have that Benadryl will help to up regulate beta 2 receptors. Ketonifen is the only thing that is effective for that purpose.

Also, you could lose all the weight with just proper diet and nutrition. You're risking messing up your metabolism by depending on things like t3/t4 and clen.
Honestly, I wouldn't mess with my thyroid.
Speaking of, have you gotten it checked?


I am going to diet
I am going to exercise

I don't want do say I need a boost because that's bullshit

But I'd like a boost

If you saw the way I'm slowly adding Adipex & t3 and then slowly tapering off I think you'd understand that I'm taking great pre caution in dosing.

Also I'm NOT a person that believes that pills are magic

I'm fully AWARE that diet is 70% of what you look like. I know this from EXPERIENCE. it's hard to be motivated when I put myself under so many years of abuse of eating straight garbage.

It amazes me how people say this or that is bad for you but how about if I keep going the way I'm going. Eating the way I do.. How is that?

I always weigh the pros with the cons

Yes I understand the health risk. I understand the stress I'll be putting to my body. But I ALSO understand the repercussions if I'm at a standstill.

Either way.. I screwed myself..

"just diet and exercise"

The situation I put myself in and the years of abuse I put my body under has left my motivation at an all-time low but there is a fire in me. There is a WILL to do something about it. This is the only way I know! The only way that makes sense! And the only way I TRULY BELIEVE I'll keep it off because afterwards I'll be so impressed with the results that just looking in the mirror everyday will remind me NEVER to go back to the state of obesity (which I'm currently in)

I KNOW ALL THIS.. Because I remember that's what kept me motivated the first time to keep the weight off!!!!
Hey, kudos for trying to lose weight.

I don't know much about drugs other than testosterone, but that cycle seems a little intense;Personally, my game plan is to stick to testosterone and (maybe) one day throw some eq in there.

Also, you could lose all the weight with just proper diet and nutrition. You're risking messing up your metabolism by depending on things like t3/t4 and clen.

I agree with her in this regard. When it comes to t3/t4, or hormones in general, I consider these compounds to be a "for life" thing. What I mean by this, is any compound I take, I take it knowing the adverse health effects and the anticipation that I'm going to take it forever. If the side-effects are managed correctly, I feel the changes these drugs induce in my physique and the mental comfort they give me to be well worth the risks of taking it for life. My view is controversial, but its simply the way I feel.

On the bright side, if these compounds can give you a weight-loss edge and they do end up permenantly messing up your metabolism to the point where you need them from life, I highly doubt the risks are worst than maintaining your current body weight. Most people say, just diet and excercise for the rest of your life, but for some people its not an option. Its like telling a drug addict to just give the shit up, or a cigarette smoker to just quit smoking cigarettes. If it was as easy as not being lazy and doing it, well, nobody would have a problem quitting.

Or, if someone doesn;t have enough money, they could just stop being lazy and start working 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. Its easy, just stop being lazy.

Regardless, I regress.

What you should be concerned about in my opinion is your heart. At the weight youve been carrying around for your entire life, taking clenbuterol doesn't seem like a good idea. It has literally the opposite effects of beta-blockers, drugs people take to lower their blood pressure and prevent cardiovascular events.

Also, even when you do lose weight, I imagine your cardiovascular system is still going to be fucked from years and years of obesity. Tren, testosterone, equipoise-all these drugs that increase blood pressure, redblood cell count, and lipid profiles seems to be a bad idea.

Being fat for a month won't kill you, but being skinny for a month wont get you out of the woods either.

All in all, I think your going too fast, and too hard to be safe. But, its all on you.

My advice would be too lose the clen (or at least substitute it for albuterol) and do a test only cycle.

T3 seems alright.

Phentermine doesnt seem like too good of an idea, because once your appetite comes back your just going to start eating too much again

Its just my opinion though.


Hey brother I applaud your dedication to get back on track and you can do whatever you set your mind to. However,

You are not anywhere close to low enough bodyfat to successfully run that cycle and be looking good by the end of it. You are around 40%+ bodyfat. 8 weeks of t3 and clen might bring you to 30-35%. Hell even 8 weeks of DNP won't have you anywhere near lean enough to be touching those compounds. You need to readjust your expectations and realize that you will probably have to diet and maintain a new healthy lifestyle for over a year to two years before you will be lean enough for it to be worth it to cycle. This is coming from someone who started a cutting test cycle at like 19% bodyfat and you know what? If I could do it over I would have lost 15-20 more lbs first and gotten under 15% before I started cutting with test. Just save the anabolics for when you are ready. You are not 250 pounds of muscle under that I'm sorry.


I don't think you'll listen but I want to add that you didn't mention diet or training strategy at all which is a major red flag.

I know you don't wanna hear any of this but sometimes the best advice is the shit you don't want to hear.
O, OP, even if you are kind of pissed off at everyone for the warnings and disclaimers, whatever you do, let us know.

Its great that you have some before pictures, regardless of whether or not we agree with the sensibility of your protocol, it would be extremely informative for you to let us kmow how it goes.

If you decide to adjust it, let us know too.

I am very liberal when it comes to hormone use-and I would say from a risk-reward standpoint, you def want to make some adjustments-for your sake.
Clen and all of that other crap is really best used for that last bit of stubborn ass fat that just won't burn the hell off.

At 400 lbs eating in a caloric deficit with plenty of cardio added in will melt the fat right off. No pills needed.

What you need is a change in lifestyle with your eating habits and exercise routine. Not a bag of magic pills. You'll just end up back at 400 with all of the easy mode bull shit.


I disagree with 280 being too big to cycle. I ran a test cycle at 315 and lost 20 pounds of fat and have more muscle and am stronger at the end of pct. That being said, the way that you keep bouncing back shows that you lack the discipline to adhere to a diet and exervise routine, the results from using gear is only going to stick if you keep up the life style, if you fuck up its going to be even easier to fall back to where you were. Not trying to be an asshole but before you use anything i would seriously reevaluate how you want to live your life and make sure the diet and training are something you will stick to religiously.


Start a NATURAL cutting log where we can all chime in and help out. Fuck the drugs until your body can better utilize them.


After reading all, and I mean all, of @Rock119 posts, I gotta say I think the drugs are a mental thing for you.
You want it now, and trust me... I do too!! I want to be big and shredded and all that but it takes time.
Final decision always comes down to you, and I won't knock you for making your own decisions, but if I may say... try and give it a month before you start the course of drugs. Try and build a solid base, and at the end of the month if you're still losing weight, why change anything???
Keep at it until you hit a wall, then maybe up cardio a little or knock out a few hundred more calories, or even then look into the drugs.
You've done it before man, so you have proven to yourself you can knock that weight off. Let's keep it off for good this time!!!
Start up a log man!!! I'll definitely be in on that.


I applaud your honesty in posting pics. (That took a lot of guts)and I understand your desire to look better. Hell, we all want to look better. Set small goals and gradually check them off your list. Your eating habits have to be total shit but you've got some Mesomorph genetics adding to that as well. When's the last time you had blood work done? Check your thyroid as @Devika mentioned earlier and eat clean for god's sake. If you fix your diet and start weight training again, you will lose that extra fat and add some muscle to your frame. It takes patience and discipline but it sounds to me like your relying way to much on substances that burn fat. Want some safe fat burning substances? Cold water(a gallon per day), caffeine, green tea extract. Good luck and study up because even after 3 months, you shouldn't be cycling. It shouldn't even be an option until you know your diet and training are spot on


Ive seen people say this before, and im just curious, maybe a stupid question, but does vold waer in particular affect you differently then say room temperature water?
Yes because your body has to expend energy to warm it to body temperature. It's not a game changer or anything, just one of a series of small tricks that can help.