Wow! I lost my job. Big Brother GVT is getting desperate.

Discussion in 'Steroid Legal Forum' started by ebkallday, Sep 29, 2017.

  1. ebkallday

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    I am by trade a Fire Fighter/ EMT. I received a phone call from my Battalion Chief yesterday while I was out of town on personal matters. He informed me the D-bag Enforcement Agency contacted him. They said they had a case on me, showing that I ordered hgh on the Darkweb. WTF??? I was instructed to turn in all my equipment and my last check would be mailed to me.

    For one thing, I NEVER have ordered HGH. Period!!! I have a union who is going to look into the matter. But does anyone have any idea what could actually happen with this? I would assume without the alleged product, there is no case right? Fuuuuuck!!!!
  2. Perrin Aybara

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    Sounds like a way to fuck you out of your pension or something. What's the charge? I believe for conspiracy they don't need the actual product.
  3. MindlessWork

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    Damn that sucks . Do they have actual proof of this? Also a good time to lawyer up brother as this sounds like bullshit to me.

    Do you know of anyone who has a grudge badly enough to pull this shit on you?
  4. MindlessWork

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    All they need to show is that he did take part in it . A bullshit standard I know.
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  5. Rockclimber

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    Would you pass a steroid test right now? Used any NPP or EQ lately?
    If you didn't order HGH online then you know its 100% bullshit and need to lawyer up ASAP.
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  6. ebkallday

    ebkallday Member Supporter

    Neither one for At least a year. Did order hcg however, but I have a script for it.
  7. Rockclimber

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    If you can get your test down to 700ng/dl and pass a drug test your lawyer might be able to nail them.
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  8. Docd187123

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    I would only listen to your lawyer. We do not know what the feds know but your lawyer will be able to get that info. Only listen to him/her

    Edit*. CLEAN HOUSE ASAP!!!!!! Get everything the fuck out your house EBK
  9. Dw725

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    This whole situation is bizarre man... I hate it for you.

    If possible, keep updating with how it all plays out.
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  10. ickyrica

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    Disclosure through an attorney will give you all info. Disclosure will put you in the best position to act accordingly.

    I am obviously not familiar with your personal circumstances at home but I would keep an open eye to those around you. Someone may have spoken up about you and the dark web claim is smoke and mirrors.
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  11. This whole thing sounds fishy as fuck.

    You mentioned purchasing hcg, did you get that from the dark web?

    The feds monitored you, singling you out, then rather than try to make a case against you, they opted to rat you out and get you fired?

    @MindlessWork alluded to someone with a grudge.
    That was my first thought too...

    Please keep us updated, brother.
  12. ickyrica

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    same here. It's too clean and neat without interdiction from LE. You have a stoolie my friend
  13. Outlier

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    The information you provided us seems ambiguous at best. First, why would the DEA contact your employer before filing charges against you? Such behavior affords you the opportunity to clean house and abort any current or future illegal activity as well as warn anyone else who you may have dealt with.

    However, an employer isn't going to have a flippant attitude about firing you, especially in today's law suit happy society. Your Battalion Chief must have some very convincing evidence.

    Did you ever use your phone, iPad, laptop to purchase gear while at work? Have you ever sold any gear or gh to your coworkers? Perhaps you discussed gh via text with the wrong person. The possibilities can go on and on.

    Get a new phone, replace the hard drives in all of your computers and clean house of all illegal substances.
  14. gr8whitetrukker

    gr8whitetrukker Member Supporter

    Im with him the DEA isnt in to taddling. Their in to making arrests. GH is an illegal substance they would of just came for you then your job would of just been an after thought. It sounds like to me some thing came up and the battalion chief is looking to unload you on made up shit. Again, Why the fuck would the fucking DEA contact your employer? Leaves u with too much time to clean house and isnt protocol of any LE govt agency. Contradicts anything they were attempting to do.

    On another note with the experian credit hack its possible someone has your personal info and is stealing your identity and purchasing this stuff under your bank card or whatever. Have u checked your acct statements? Credit rating?
  15. ebkallday

    ebkallday Member Supporter

    I'll do some checking. House has been cleaned like a whistle. Kinda funny how a week ago, I had a major fight with my ex-wife. I called her names her cheating ass deserved. What's funny about it, was the last time I said rotten Shit to her like last week, her father and Shit head brother threatened to go to my boss. I've been a bodybuilder for many years and the more I think about, there more it seems like someone fucked me.

    I have picked up a thing or two from the deep web I had a prescription for. I seen an article after a more recent bust of a big domain was taken down. It said consumer info would be shared woth local LE for them to determine what they wanted to do about it..... But GH has NEVER been something I've jumped on yet... EVER. Someone dimed me out dudes...
  16. hydro23

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    Hate to say it but sounds like your ex-wifes family fucked you over.
  17. ickyrica

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    @ebkallday are you union? Any type of industry representation available to you? I would look into legal action possibly. I would claim slander all day on this one. Pick a lie and stick to it without a hint of change in your story, ever.
  18. MindlessWork

    MindlessWork Member Supporter

    Could well be a possibility if the ex knew where EBK goes online and all that jazz. That is something to consider as well and to run by a lawyer.

    Jealous exes and estranged family members are a red flag as they can do nefarious things.

    As someone mentioned the Equifax hack this is another possibility that needs to be looked into.

    @ebkallday hope this can all be resolved for you brother, and this does sound like some person(s) are fucking you over so lawyer up and get answers. Vindictive people out there it seems.
  19. miketee

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    For any lurkers out there that use Tor... use fucking Tails!!!!
  20. gr8whitetrukker

    gr8whitetrukker Member Supporter

    I meant equifax not experian. Sorry my man. 5 minutes of your time go to and see if you were one of the millions effected by the data breach. Your social security number and your name and itll tell u right quick if ya were. They offer a free credit watch if u were effected. Whether or not this issue was part of that idk but definitely good to check anyway and rule it out and get that damn free credit protection plan!

    Secondly create an acct with creditkarma. Its free and u get monthly credit reports automatically sent to your inbox. So you can continually monitor it. And always check your monthly statements on credit cards, bank statements. Its possible some one could be leaching money. Whether it be someone who stole your identity or a clerk or waiter that sliced a few bucks off the top of your bill or receipt to hopefully not get your attention. They dont usually steal alot. Just enough that you wouldnt notice.