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    so I’ve been on 175mg of trt now steady for about 4 months. Holy shit this is amazing. I increased my protein to 210-220g, carbs at 320g fats to 70-90g and calories around 3000 (I’m 215lbs) and the shape my body is taking is insane. Obviously nothing compared to the seasoned guys here but justbin this short time I’m getting vein I’ve never had pooping out, delts, and rhomboids I never knew I could have.

    God willing I stay healthy I could only imagine what I’ll be in a year.

    What a difference 175mg makes. I feel like all I would ever need for a time to time cycle is like 300mg of test cyp only.

    Again guys, I’m not a bodybuilder or anything worth looking at. Just me noticing changes that are dramatic in my eyes. It would take me 2 years to achieve what I look like in 4 months. This is amazing stuff
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    Good to see ya back
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    Thanks man.

    Yeah I’m praying I’ve turned a corner. Been training pretty hard and bringing in more cardio and I’m handling it well (knock on wood)
    It’s just amazing to see the changes in my body. The strength gains are crazy too.

    If I stay healthy for another 6 months to a year I would def consider doing a 12 week 300-400mg test cycle for some added gains. Seems like I would gain a lot from that
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    No need to rush, make sure your healthy first. Glad the trt is going well and making pretty good gains on it