Wrong vile! Bad "feelz and bonerz"

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Human_backhoe, Jul 26, 2020.

  1. Silentlemon1011

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    Hilariously enough....
    Unless my estro sky rockets (Water retention) and I don't bother to take any AI for a month or two.

    I'm usually 110/60 or 70ish

    If it goes up, I'll crush extra potassium and actually take AI.
    Theb I'm typically gtg.

    I should check mine when I get home... running tren right now and all.... lol
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  2. Spokeonawheel

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    Wait..... so how fucking tan is @Human_backhoe at this point?

    We probably need pics.
  3. He's there in the middle. Jacked, handsome and tan beyond tanned. He's a triple threat.

    Note his eyes are closed, but they're pretty too.

    60_jet black.jpeg
  4. Human_backhoe

    Human_backhoe Member

    The problem is I work my farm all summer haying ect without a shirt. Rattle snakes and ticks force me to wear pants.

    I am black from the waist up and a ghost from the waist down.

    Not the other way around unfortunately......:D
  5. Oldschool

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    Farmers Tan:D
  6. Snakum

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    I see what you did there.

    It could be worse ... I'm ethnically Jewish. We're all hung like a mouse. :(
  7. cochino

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    I'm a cotton and grain farmer so it depends on what I'm doing. If I'm spraying I'm wearing shorts and flipflops.
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  8. Human_backhoe

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    Was spraying a foliar feed made from sea kelp. Wind turned on me and I was instantly black! Took a week to get that stain out!
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  9. cochino

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    Lol I remember those days. I have a John Deere 4045 air conditioned closed cab with a GPS. I can literally fuck around on here while I'm spraying. :D
  10. Grab Bag

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    Funny story, man.

    I’ve never heard of epitalon until reading this, I’m assuming you sourced through some kind of peptide company? Any leads to start my own research? Thanks.
  11. tauras66

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  12. Human_backhoe

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    The real question is what is your beer to water ratio on day like this?
  13. Human_backhoe

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    I'm finally going to upgrade this year! I've had enough of no a.c. hahah IMG_20200730_1247150~2.jpg
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  14. Oldschool

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    Depends on which end of that operation you are on. Put me in that cab and you can have the water. Lol
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  15. Human_backhoe

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    Hahaha. @PupperQueen is pulling garlic by hand in another field today. Just me in the cab at a cool 90 degrees f.

    I'm at a 1 to 1 ratio is so far.
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  16. Snakum

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    I owned an AC'd 4720 when my ex-wife and I owned an organic op. 40 acres cleared and started the certification process. Also had an 850 yd range with CQB stages in the first 300. Hope the bitch is enjoying all my hard work.
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  17. Human_backhoe

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    Damn brother! That's sucks! We split twice, years ago because of the hell of clearing all our land while living in a half finished house / 80s Winnebago. Without proper running water and electricity.

    Would love a range out to 850! I can get 650 here with cqb to 300.

    I gave up on the organic too much cost without the return up here.
  18. Oldschool

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    I’m slinging a cub cadet brush trimmer around today. Tried drinking a beer around noon but my body put the squash on that shit. Back on the coconut water and Gatorade. It’s freaking hot here due to the added humidity in the air from Hanna the lil hurricane.
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