WS4SB or 5x5?

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    Im about 192 pounds, 5 foot 9, >10 percent body fat. I'm a freshman in college and have been working out since about sophomore year of high school. I'm looking for a program on which I can get good gains in strength and size simultaneously.

    My Westside looks like this

    Day 1
    Barbell Bench Press (5w) 1x3-5
    Incline Dumbbell Bench Press 2x15
    *Bent-over Barbell Rows 3x10
    *Reverse Flyes 3x10
    Barbell Shrugs 4x15
    Barbell Curls 4x12
    Forearms 3x10

    Day 2
    Jump Squats 6x3
    Barbell Lunges 3x8
    RDL's 3x8

    Day 3
    Push-ups 4x15
    Chin-ups 4x8
    Dumbbell Military Press 4x10
    *Dumbbell Shrugs 3x10
    *Lying Dumbbell Triceps Extensions 3x10

    Day 4
    Barbell Deadlifts (5w) 1x3-5
    Dumbbell Split Squats 3x8
    Leg Curls 3x10
    Seated Calves 4x10

    (*) means they are supersetted
    (5w) means 5 warm up sets

    Here is the 5x5

    Day 1
    Squat 5x5
    Bench 5x5
    Row 5x5

    Day 2
    Squat 4x5
    Military Press 4x5
    Deadlift 4x5
    Chins 4x5

    Day 3
    Squat 4x5 1x3 1x8
    Bench 4x5 1x3 1x8
    Row 4x5 1x3 1x8
    Dips 3x8
    Barbell Curls 3x8
    Triceps Extensions 3x8
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