WSBB routine any good????

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    +++++ Max Effort Upper Body (Monday) +++++
    A. MAX-EFFORT LIFT - barbell bench press Work up to a max set of 3-5 reps
    B. Incline DB bench press 2 X 15-20
    C. Barbell rows Superset Bent-over cable flyes (single arm) 3-4 X 8-12
    D. Barbell shrugs 3 4 X 8-15
    E. Skull Crushers 3-4 X 8-12
    ABS (4 sets)
    Low pulley Swiss ball crunches, Swiss ball reverse crunch, cable side bends

    +++++ LOWER BODY - (Wednesday) +++++
    A. MAX-EFFORT LIFT deadlifts work up to a max set of 3-5 reps
    B. Single leg squats, back leg elevated 3-4 X 8-15
    C. Pull-throughs 3 X 8-12
    D. Barbell curls 4 X 8-10
    E. Plate pinch gripping 3 x failure
    ABS (4 sets)
    Hanging leg raises, cable crunch, Russian twist, broomsticks

    ++++++ REPETITION UPPER BODY - (Friday) ++++++
    A. Barbell bench press 8 X 3
    B. Chins Superset seated DB laterals 3 X 10-12
    C. DB seated shoulder press 4 X 8-12
    D. dips 3-4 X 12-15 Superset JM press 3-4 X 8-12
    ABS (4 sets)
    Weighted cable reverse crunch, hanging side knee bends, weighted decline crunch
    ++++++ REPETITION LOWER BODY - (Sunday) ++++++
    A. Box squat 8 X 3
    B. BB lunges 3 X 12-15
    C. Hyperextensions 3 X 8-12
    D. Barbell curls 4 X 8-10
    E. wrist curls 4 X failure Superset reverse curls 4 X failure
    ABS (4 sets)
    Machine crunch, bench leg raises, toe touchers, bicycle, twist crunch
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    I don't really like it.... You should check Dogg Crapp Training style. It's extreme, it hurts a lot but it's very very good.
  3. FiberSynk

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    No. If you are going to rest, rest. If you are going to lift, lift. That's my two cents, I understand the idea of active recovery, but there is no reason you need weights for that, a good hard walk/jog and some calisthenics would suffice for that.
    Everylift should be max effort.
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    It's an excellent routine. Though i don't like the exercise selection in this particular layout.