WTF is this!?

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by lightshift, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. lightshift

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    I've seen so many people doing this in the gym. Isn't using momentum in the movement making it easier. Isn't the point to make it hard on the muscles to cause them to grow? This is just bad form imo.This pisses me off when I see this crap. I can't believe that this is what 'professionals' in the fitness industry teach now.
  2. showstoppa

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    Its a gymnastics move that should never be tried until one can do a set of 12 full range dead stop wide grip pullups. Its more for conditioning but its dangerous if you aren't familar with the movement.
  3. ergomaniac

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    this guy can do a hundred of them.
    for some reason im thinking if he were to add some weight to those "pullups", he would be hanging there like a wet noodle.

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  4. ergomaniac

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    this is a bit more impressive.

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  5. dieseljimmy

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    I can't concentrate with the lady in the purple shirt there
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  6. Ahmad90

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    Just do pullovers instead? Whats the point of this exercise except maybe for gymnastics lol.
  7. ergomaniac

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    or maybe some real pull ups o_O.
    dead hang, chin over the bar.
  8. Switcher

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    There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

    Fred Hatfield says he doesn't understand cross training at all. He was always a litmus test for me. That said...

    Depending on the world you live in, doing that exercise the way they are doing it may or may not have meaning. All of that cross training stuff seems like something some branches, or communities within branches, of the military would see as worthwhile. But... I do not understand cross training methods or goals enough.

    I would just caution against condemning without understanding enough to do so. For me, at least, it is enough that it the exercise is not known as an optimal one for bodybuilder or strength training.
  9. Masters Power

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    Based on the first video I would not let your wife and/or girlfriend do these.

    Clearly all of the crazy swinging back and forth works negatively against gravity and serves to flatten out the breasts.
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