WU, Moneypak, Greenpak and etc

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    One of the reasons I've yet to make a purchase in the gear department is because well I don't feel I know how to use money transfers properly and I can't seem to find info on it. So I figured I would bring the question here as it might help other members.

    I also rather have MESO folks tell me then a source because I really wouldn't trust a source telling me how to pay them knowing I don't know what I'm doing money wise.

    Ironically while a large portion of people seem clueless to Bitcoin and other coin services I have a solid understanding of them and feel safer with them then more primitive forms of money transfer.

    The other reason is, it just hasn't been my time to want to start using just yet.
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    same here regarding the payment options. I have only ever used PayPal.
    I source I am interested in uses Vanilla Reloads. But when I went to the store it looked as if I would have to give my SS# and personal info anyway to register the card. Also, appeared to have fees every month etc that eat into the money. Even at a load of $500, $5 a month will start to make a difference % wise.
    Hope some other chime in a explain some good options to us with pros/cons and costs. It would really help
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    The vanilla reload cards you don't have to register. You simply buy a card with cash in the amount you desire, up to $500. Make sure they are the ones that have the 10 digit scratch off # on the back. They aren't the ones that look like credit cards. You then send your source the 10 digit number and your done. They pulled greendot out of most stores and I believe vanilla reloads are gone as well or will be soon.
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    Moneypak and Vanilla Reloads with PINs are dead.
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    Regarding WU, how does one know when/if it will go through when they prefer using it either online or an app version, versus face to face if using it domestic versus overseas? Yep, face to face at the WU office is safest, but for small orders drawing less attention, being able to order from home seems like an easy option - but with limits it appears.

    Disclaimer: online and app versions I agree are NOT to be used for large purchases.
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    Vanilla reloads are gone