WU vs. MoneyGram

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by dude2003, May 4, 2004.

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    dude2003 Junior Member

    I have never used MoneyGram. How does it compare to WU? Can you pick up money without ID with a test question?
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    Captain Planet

    Captain Planet Junior Member

    Someone correct me if I am wrong, but can't those means of paying be traced? Obviously its not super insecure or else a lot of guys wouldn't use it, but why not stick to cash?

    Sorry to Hijacik a thread, I was just wondering.......

    As for moneygram, I bet you need ID, as you seem to for all the money transfer systems.
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    lonewolf36 Junior Member

    You can pick up MoneyGram with ID. MoneyGram is way, way, way, way cheaper than WU.
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    neverEnuff Junior Member

    ive used moneygram and western union with out ever having to use ids but that was to send money.

    why not just get a money order send it to evocash than use evo its great bro-if u are using it to buy juice..u can use a fake name and everything its greatt
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    Your Endo

    Your Endo Junior Member


    You DONT need to use Id for WU or MG when sending or recieving if your only using cash.

    Use a Test Q&A for the reciever and you will not need an Id to recieve.

    Remember you've got to use cash for a WU/MG transfer if you want to be totaly untracable. Credit card transactions require Id for both sender and reciever. -Your Endo
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    andruw251 Junior Member

    mg is the same as wu only cheaper. neither is any more insecure or tracable. mg is much cheaper and you can still use a test question
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    gman67 Junior Member

    you can pick up without ID with a tq,,but just a reminder the clerks are just as dumb...I've had more problems with MG than WU and had to show my ID last time I used them because they left off the test question.
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    gman67 Junior Member

    Not really,,Ive had many transactions with WU and never had to show ID,,this one location insisted I show ID,,I left and never went back and haven't had to show ID at any other location since.
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    frank1234 Junior Member

    I just used MG two weeks ago at Walmart. 35 % cheaper than WU for the same exact transaction. I didn't need a ID (I was the sender) and the test uestion takes place of the recievers ID. The General MGR of the WALMAT did the transaction as all the workers were incompetant.

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