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    Ladies and gents, I suppose it's time to make a log

    228lb's this morning
    Seemingly worthless electronic BF scale in my bathroom says 11.8%, I'm not buying it. I'd say probably 15% or so. Normally leaner this time of year, but I had some hiccups with my tren A source, so the cut didn't go exactly as planned.

    I've been running NPP, test P, test E and EQ to get to saturation levels for the last 3 weeks.
    Planning to phase out the short esters (NPP and Test P) for Pharmacom's Deca 300 and Test E 300
    Compounds in RED TEXT are from Darius

    Cycle will look like this-
    Deca @ 800mg's/week
    Test E @ 1050mg's/week
    (which actually is about 735 of actual test)
    Test P @ 350mg's/week (which is roughly 280mg's)
    EQ @ 800mg's/week
    Winstol Depot (a local buddy of mine gave me two vials, wouldn't normally add this) 50mg's/day
    adex .5mg's/ day
    I have clen on hand incase I get too soft, but I'm thinking the winny and adex should prevent that

    Diet is roughly 400 grams of protein a day.
    Carbs will be cycled as needed, mostly high on training days before and after training.
    Fats will vary, mostly animal fats. Some MCT oil pre-workout, and my omega capsules.

    I wouldn't expect this to get exciting for a few weeks, many long estered compounds.

    However, the NPP and test P have already been kicking ass, looking fuller and joints feel GREAT (NPP and test P ARE NOT FROM DARIUS)

    Muscles will be worked every 4 days. 1 training session will be high volume, drop sets, etc etc. the other will be largely heavy weight/strength building exercises.

    Cardio 3x week, standard 20-30 minutes on the stairmaster or incline treadmill, nothing crazy here. Just looking to not lose a TON of definition in the process.

    @brutus79 this is for you baby! You said I "better make a log" :)
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  2. Docd187123

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    Beastly cycle. Good luck and will follow along
  3. Wunderpus

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    Any input is welcome, I do have that gear on hand, so no real tweaks with that, unfortunately.
  4. Ozzy619

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    Hell yes. Bad ass cycle and you know your shit so should get interesting here. Diet and training looks to be fine tuned, looking forward to what shall come.
  5. Wunderpus

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    Thanks brother, I will update as much as I can. Going out of town Thu-Mon this week, so hopefully the longer esters will start to kick in by then.
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  6. rigs03

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    Have always wondered about eq and deca together. Good luck man I'll be following along!

    Edit: Idk why I say good luck. It has nothing do with bodybuilding and you certainly don't need it. Maybe KILL THAT SHIT!!! would be better suited. Get some!!!
  7. brutus79

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    Sweeeeeeet- this log will help me plan my next blast! Stay on this and KILL IT!
  8. ROB581211

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    Cycle sounds sounds awesome man. Similar compounds as In running. Looking forward to seeing more. Good luck.
  9. Boilermech

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    Heck yeah brother!! Looks like an interesting cycle for sure. Time to Rock and Roll!!!!
  10. Wunderpus

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    This isn't my first rodeo with any of these compounds, so I know what to expect. It is the first time I have front loaded with NPP to phase into deca, so I'm curious to see how that rolls. Npp is quickly becoming my favorite compound. A lot of fullness and joint relief with zero sides to note at this point.

    Eq is a staple in most of my mass building cycles. The hunger boost and endurance boosting effects it has on me are invaluable. The winny has been helping boost the strength here. This cycle sort of feels like tren A so far without the sides. I have the strength and vascularity without the sleep deprivation and shit. I'll start posting more on my meals, as well.
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    Your a beast dude I'm subbed for this
  12. Cmxer32

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    Hell yea... Get after it brotha, been waiting to see this , cycle looks good!!
  13. Wunderpus

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    Yesterday was back day. Unfortunately, I had to go to my old gym (long story) and their equipment is lacking for back exercises.

    Preworkout of Xyience Energy Drink, 2 TBSP of virgin coconut oil, 20g's creatine mono
    Intraworkout was 2 scoop of Xtend, followed by a 32 oz Gatorade (fast carbs will push you through this sort of hell)

    All exercises were performed with explosive positive movement (still controlled), holding at the top (get that tight contraction) and slowly lowered on the negative. I see too many noobs whipping weight around and not actually contracting the muscle, or engaging the wrong muscle entirely. Normally, this means you need to leave the ego at the door, and lift lighter weight.

    Rope straight arm pulldowns (warm up the lats)- 25, 15, 12
    Lat pull downs (wide)- 20, 15, 12, 10, 8, 6
    Parallel bar pull downs (these engage the lower parts of my lats)- 12, 10, 10, 6
    Narrow grip pull downs (my favorite back movement, great for lower traps, rhomboids and teres major)- 12, 10, 8, 6, 3
    Seated row (close grip)- 15, 12, 10, 8, 6
    Seated row with wide lat pull down bar (insane for lats and rhomboids)- 15, 12, 8, 6
    Bent over rows- 10, 10, 8, 6, 3, 1 (man this felt heavy that day for some reason)
    Hammerstrength high row- 3 drop sets of 12, 10, 6
    Hammerstrength low row- 3 drop sets of 12, 10, 6

    Lat pull downs- 2 drop sets of 12, 8, 6, 3
    Seated row (close grip)- 2 drop sets of 10, 8, 6 (I was getting burnt the fuck out)
    Hyperextension bench with 45lb plate - 3 sets of 20 reps

    Throughout back day I have a personal goal to achieve 50 wide grip pull ups throughout the routine. Sometimes that's 5 sets of 10, sometimes it's more like 25 sets of 2! Haha. I work them in, at random times.

    Hanging leg raises - 3 sets, 2 sets of 18 reps 1 set of 12 reps with a 5lb DB in between my feet (try it)
    Decline Bench leg raises- 3 sets of 20
    Abdominal crunch with rope pull down - 3 drop sets 20, 12, 8

    Ideally my girl would've worked out with me to provide forced negatives, but she wanted to hangout on the Stairmaster, we'll be at the beach next week.

    Post workout meal - 75% of a roasted chicken, approximately 4 cups of whole smashed potatoes, 10 or so asparagus spears and a Oikos Triple Zero Vanilla. An hour later I had a 60g of protein shake with 6 hardboiled eggs.

    This may seem like a lot of volume and training. It is. The gear, my diet and rest should allow me to keep this pace up. As Lee Priest once said "You'll never see a professional body builder spend only 45 minutes in the gym."

    Any input is appreciated.

    Finished up around 435 g of protein yesterday, didn't track carbs or anything else.
  14. Wunderpus

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    Also, here's some motivation for you guys-

  15. Casca

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    ^^^yeah I am MOTIVATED NOW
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    Best preworkout!
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  17. Seven

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    Can the body use 20g of creatine per day?

    How well do you like Xtend? I mean is it worth it?

    Used one called 3Plenish. Didn't really notice a difference. Went back to Powerade. 8oz of Powerade 50oz of water.

  18. Wunderpus

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    I like Xtend. It seems to work for me. If you're not working out for over an hour, it's probably a waste. Eat some carbs and protein before you go, sip your PowerAde and you'll be good. I need to refuel throughout this workout, so Xtend and Gatorade seem to do it.

    As far as bioavailability of 20g's of creatine, I don't know. That's what I've taken most of the time, sometimes 15, and it seems to workout well. Just stay hydrated!
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  19. Nitrobuste

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    I dont see any benefits from creatine under 20g a day.
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  20. jamiecarson

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    Can you get away on 800mg deca only on armidex. I would ad caber 0.5mg 2 week. Just to keep prolactin down.