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    Check it out. Promo code meso20 gets you 20% off and free shipping. I've also waived the minimum order to make it easier for some to give me a shot. I know you'll love it. With the giveaways I do you'll soon see more proof why you'll love it too!
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  2. Mckenna2006

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    Site looks good bro!
  3. gearusing

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    The site looks good and has a nice feel to it. Thanks I'm going to look it over some more.
  4. Raider72

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    Unbelievable how many "legit sources" have been popping up???
  5. RezAtDorsia

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    perhaps he also has a bridge that we might be interested in as well?
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    Where is your site hosted?
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    Don't think I saw it on the site but it looks like you're a domestic source?
  8. Mckenna2006

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    A lot of sites coming up.
  9. fit2beking

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    Your site is served here:

    We include detailed information like the server IP Address which is Performanceenhancingpharma.com resides at Unified Layer in Provo, UT, United States.
    You may want to get this hosted outside of the US. Just a suggestion.
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    Thats also where everyone that orders from this sites personal information will be stored till the DEA decide to come bring everyone some hot coffee and doughnuts.
  11. Fuuuuuu! My brother just finished a project on a new NSA building around the provo/SLC area.....
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  12. ChaseQ

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    So do you get a discount on server space from the NSA because they only have to walk over to your server to get everyones personal information?

  13. lulcat

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    The DEA has stated that its MO isn't customers, it's suppliers.

    Edit: To be fair, the NSA has already indexed most of what the "clear web" has indexed. We aren't hiding from them; we're just not high on their list. Other agencies are more interested.
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    I love how this board has evolved. Some of you guys(most) are up on what is necessary to stay safe. I'm glad I'm on your team!
  15. johnnyBALLZ

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    I just got an email from PEP about some of the changes he's made so far and I gotta hand it to him, he took the criticism and ran with it.. Nice work and great attitude man.. Just don't be emailing me everyday now emmmkayyy?? ;)
  16. gotPEP

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    And I was gonna send you a " inspiring quote for the day" every morning when I wake up....... I prefer communicating through the boards. I'll only mass email on very rare occasions.
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    I agree. That's a sign that the customer service will be great. When I get my Test E, I'll pin 500mg a week to do a blast from my regular TRT dose of 125mg. Thanks PEP.
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    Damn, why do I feel like I'm watching a Get Smart rerun?
  19. gotPEP

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    Im not sure, but I REALLY hope that's a good show!!!!
  20. Great looking site PEP - anyone useing them ?? :DOGH