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    Hello, guys. I'm xingor, from China.
    Sorry for my poor English .
    I'm starting my small business here.
    I only provide Real Pharma Grade goods.

    Shipping FAQ:
    •Free shipping for 200USD
    •Shipping from China only
    •Price of regular Airmail 15 USD. Shipping time maybe 1 month or longer.
    •Price of EMS, DHL (Fastest) is 28 USD (less than 1 Kg) for most Europe, North America country.
    Shipping time is unknown, maybe 7-15 business days, or longer.
    If you pay me 30USD or 50 USD for shipping, the seized parcels will be free reshiped. otherwise, you should pay me 15 or 28USD for reshipping.
    (If you're bored enough to send me anything, welcome. I'll response all. No Racist. lol)

    Payment methods:

    Promo: Order over 200USD goods, I'll send you 50PCS Medical Masks for free. Remember to wear your mask always to against CoVID-19, who knows who is suspected? so funny. WHO is spreading wrong message to public.

    No Minimum order.

    Pricelist:(continuously updated, if something you can't find here, just email me)
    Salbutero: 2mg*100 5USD
    Metformin:500mg*30 5USD
    ketotifen:1mg *60 1USD
    hcg:1000IU*10 35USD

    Novorapid 3ml:300IU 30USD
    Humulin R 3ml:300IU 20USD

    clomid 50mg*10 10USD
    tamoxifen:10mg*60 25USD
    Raloxifene:60mg*7 15USD
    Triptorelin:0.1mg 45USD
    Glutathione:100mg*36 20USD
    Glutathione injection:600mg*6 20USD
    Silybin:35mg*30 15USD
    PGE1:100μg*5 30USD
    Metamizole Sodium Injection:2ml*10 15USD
    Sterile water:2ml*10 1.5USD
    testosterone propionate injection:25mg*10
    15 USD
    Letrozol:2.5mg*10 30USD
    Anastrozole: 1mg*14 30USD
    exemestane:25mg*10 15USD
    Bromocriptine Mesilate Tablets:2.5mg*30 30USD
    Levothyroxine Sodium Tablets(T4):50μg*100 15USD
    Trimetazidine:20mg*30 15USD
    Isotretinoin: 10mg*20 9USD
    telmisartan:40mg*24 5USD
    Captopril:25mg*100 2USD
    Toremifene:40mg*14 15USD
    Lasix tablet:20mg*100 5 USD

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    No boobs or Corona meds ?
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    WHY MESO? what brought you here?
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  4. "against CoVID-19, who knows who is suspected? so funny. WHO is spreading wrong message to public"

    What does that mean.

    I know exactly who is "Suspected" The Chinese Government.

    I guess a reading Covid19 to the world is "So funny"

    Your list is small and your prices arent good.

    Why should anyone here buy from you?
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    Let the games commence!
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  6. Damn, it’s still Friday in China?
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    My bartenders name is xing. Lol.
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    Oh boy this is going to be fun to watch.
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    Oh yeah. So how do you think this plan is going to work out?
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    "Shipping time is unknown" sounds great any other shit did u have some crack on stock ?
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    I'm curious why Chinese pharma has English writing on it at all? Maybe they need to make sure gray market feels more comfortable in what they are buying
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    so is my neighbor. He even has a sign for himself out front of his home. Def Boi Xing
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    That was your 69th post. Congratulations, you have made MESO level 2
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    No titties, no sale!
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    That's simple! All of you idiots from other boards congregate here and take advantage of the work real members have been putting in for years. Takes a little more than asking for tit pics you lonely dwarf. Go back to shredded's thread you gurgling bitch. :rolleyes::D
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    You know that’s the only reason I opened this thread. Well, that and the shit show that will go down :p
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    Where you trying to go with this?
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    Fixed that for you... :rolleyes:
    Nah, sorry we’re all full right now. You try back later.. maybe in ten years :oops:
    So after what, 6 months or 6 years without receiving anything, I should then start to worry? o_O
    Oh, now I understand. Thanks! :confused:
    Now you’re just being weird! You on tender? Asking for a friend.. :oops:
    @MisterSuperGod I told you I’d ask, you’re welcome! ;) :p
    So WHO’s on first? I’m so lost... :(
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    The US is not very happy with china right now..maybe you should try a chinese forum lol...theres plenty of pharma sources that ship US domestic for the same price or better. You can take your communist shit and shove it up ur communist ass.
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