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    Greetings MESO im here because a client advice me to post my stuff here, i can ship to USA the roids that we use in Mexico. It usually arrives from 4 to 6 business days. I have reseller prices and some clients take advantage of that.
    Here is the price list:
    Decaplex. $50
    Boldeplex. $50
    Stanoplex 10ml $50
    Stanoplex 20ml. $55
    Testoplex P. $40
    Testplex. C $40
    Testoplex e. $40
    Sustaplex. $55
    Txt 400mg. $55
    Tvr 350mg. $55
    TITAN 400 blend $75
    PARAPLEX $80
    NANDROPLEX nandrolone phenyl propionate $70
    Tremboplex $60
    Mastaplex $60
    Primoplex $60
    Oxandrolone $60
    Oxyplex $60
    Stanoplex $55
    Methandroplex $55
    Clembutrex. $45
    Arimidext. $50
    ProviX $50
    HALOPLEX $50



    Saizen 60 ui $200 usd
    Genotropin pfizer 36ui $135
    Genotropin pfizer 16ui $95
    Omnitrope sandoz 45ui $135

    Gentropin 210 ui kit $145
    Somatrope 50ui $45
    Zomacton 15ui $35
    Genesis 60 ui $40

    If you want more information just pm me. Legit user, have ways to prove it.

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    That has to be the laziest fucking new source post ever!
  3. ClassicPhysiqueMex

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    srry bro, my bad, im new and today i did 3 cardios lol
  4. Mighty-mouse

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    Fuck outa here no one wants your
    Garbage ass shit
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  5. ClassicPhysiqueMex

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    well thats rude
  6. Mighty-mouse

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    No price list. No pics of lab setup, didn’t follow meso protocol. No introduction, no tits, not a mutha fuccn thing. You suck at being a drug dealer! Kill yourself
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  7. ClassicPhysiqueMex

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    ok, ill add all of that, thanks for the advice
  8. BIG74

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    XT labs Mast prop - label claim:100 mg/ml & result was : 48

    XT labs tren ace - label claim: 100 mg/ml & result was: tren a 28.57 and tren e 28.54

    XT labs Primo (sample 2) - label claim: 100 mg/ml & result was: Mast p 49

    XT Labs Primo (sample 1) - label claim 100 mg/ml & result was : unidentifiable

    These results are over at ANASCI.ORG

    Samples sent in by members to mods

    Test results from Jano (we all know his past issues)

    @ClassicPhysiqueMex take your fucking garbage gear someplace else.

    - pics of lab
    - pics of raws testing
    - pics of bloodwork
    - pics of finished oils results

    ** I am sure none of which you have or will produce, so save your time and go peddle your lame bunk trash in a dark alley
  9. ClassicPhysiqueMex

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    well, good to know, thanks for the advice
  10. Mighty-mouse

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    Was that a mic drop?!?
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  11. ClassicPhysiqueMex

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    yeah it was
  12. Mighty-mouse

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    So why try to sell knowingly ubderdosed gear?
  13. ClassicPhysiqueMex

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    it was my bad dude, im srry i think i have to research more
  14. LeoTC

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    I'd research pricing too.

    No way I'd pay what you're asking. Only thing listed with a take a second look price was the Geno.

    Fucking joke.
  15. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    This dude is a scam. His only product pic is still in the box the tabs were shipped in.

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    That was a train wreck. Yikes.
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    This is vetting? Kill yourself?! How does that help anything?
  18. TNotch347

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    What I took from this was what @BIG74 said....and for that, fuckin kill yourself. I’m glad he knew that XT was underdosed. Doesn’t get any easier then this when it comes to vetting
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  19. LeoTC

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    So much wrong with this one, it's not even worth getting serious about yet.
  20. Mighty-mouse

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    There is no vetting needed. This was a comical post at best.