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    Just curious if anybody has scoped into y3t? Its on the bb.com website, I dont know if its all hype, or if there is science to back it up........The theory is that you train your body parts only 1 time per week, no cardio, mon and tue on, wed off, thurs and fri on, sat and sun off. Week 1 is heavy weight low reps, and then 2nd week is moderate weight moderate reps, with the final week low weight high reps. This continues on for 9 weeks................any input on this type of training?? Thanks in advance.
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    Anybody? If anybody wants to talk about training, Ill let you know a ugl source.........LOL!!!! Thats a joke before I get roasted!
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    I wouldn't want to skip cardio personally.
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    Ya, true............good point on cardio
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    Has anyone tried Y3T lifting program? Or any thoughts on it?