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Discussion in 'Steroid Lab Testing' started by Brotato, Dec 6, 2019.

  1. Brotato

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    base is normally in the mid 200s and 4iu split dose on good gh always places me between 480-520ish igf. when I finished my grays I switched to these been about 4 weeks now. also running 500 test, 400 npp, 500 mast.


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    Very nice. Thank you for the contribution!!!

    I cant believe how well generics have been testing the last year or two.
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  4. Giveitago

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    @Brotato what batch number is this?
  5. Brotato

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    #73 apparently they're a little over 10ius this batch but I'm treating them as 10
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    Sweet I have batch 73. I thought Tp said they tested at just under 10iu. Either way glad to see your results. Thank you for testing!!
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  7. Brotato

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    sorry 9.85 they tested at you're right
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    Whats your dosing protocol?
  9. Brotato

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    2iu 4am, 2iu 430pm

    weekends same but +1 hour to both
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    there was another batch of yellows tops that did test at 11ius recently not sure which one but most of his yellows are 10iu. thanks for testing
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    Great and thank you.
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