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Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by road warrior, Feb 9, 2005.

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    Hey Bros...I am a pro am cyclist and started doing the 5x5 in early Dec I average 3 hrs on my bike perday and Sat and Sun are very intense and closer to 4 hrs in the saddle. Although I am definitely stronger as a result of the 5x5, my race season starts in 3 weeks and I'd like some input.

    Is it O.K. doing squats 3x3 twice per wk and do the rest of the exercises following the original 5x5 so not to overload my legs and toast them 1/4 through the season????

    Based on my training program, what approach should I take to continue the 5x5?

    Thanks Bros

    Road Warrior
  2. Freddy

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    Hey bud, I would definitely reduce training volume and maybe frequency, as you suggested during your season.

    You're a competitive athlete, and like most, you know where your priorities are. Weight training CANNOT interfer with your season.

    Now, if I'm going to offer more advice, I need to know when you compete. How often do you compete? Whats your training like now that its in-season?
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    My program has 4 periods:

    Foundation: Nov-Feb
    Base Mileage, increase aerobic capacity 12-15 hr per wk

    Prepartaion: mid feb-mid April
    shift to the anaerobic conditioning (intervals) and steadily build on it

    Specialization: Late April-May
    Be racing at peak form for my biggest events

    Transition: June

    Do a mini version of this cycle for a late season peak in Sept.

    Right now I average 15 hrs per wk on the bike and have been doing the gym following the 5x5 routine. I've started to increase the upper end of the aerobic engine and I am ready to pounce I can tell... plus I am feeling buff from the upper body work and my girl seems to like it too!!!!!!

    Last yr I took home a paycheck from everyone of these events...

    My race schedule will start wknds in late feb
    1st wknd sat/sun
    Two 56 mile Road Races

    2nd wknd sat/sun
    One 70 mile Road Race in the mntns
    1 hr Criterium

    3rd wknd sat/sun
    1 56 Road Race
    1 hr criterium

    1 hr criterium
    112 mile Road Race

    110 mile Road Race
    1 hr criterium

    2 1 hr criteriums

    2 1 hr criteriums

    This is what is be

    road warrior
  4. Freddy

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    When you're in your "foundation" period I would stick with the 5x5 and work hard.

    You have competitions very frequently in Feb and April, so I would back off the squatting as you suggested.

    What do you think you are capable of? During Feb and April, you could squat 1x a week and do 5x5, or maybe 2x a week and do a few triples. Maybe you'll want do to 2 would be working up to a heavy set of 5 reps, and the other could be light 5x5 work (for instance, if you're normally doing heavy 5x5 with 185 115 or 135 for 5x5 on this day.)

    Any of this sound like something that would work for you?

    EDIT: By the way, read the JS it is a story he told about how he used to train a pro-cyclist with 50 rep squats. You might find it a cool read.
  5. road warrior

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    Big Up for the props freddie...

    I realize my big races are just around the corner and I don't want to kill my legs in the process. You are a good Bro...

    Thank you

  6. Freddy

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    No problem. Just remember that when in doubt your lifting needs to take a back seat to your cycling. No one is passing out rewards for the biggest thighs at your cycling meets.

    Good luck with your season!
  7. road warrior

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    I'd like to keep doing the exercises and back off the frequency during the prep phase. Teus/Thr and racing wknds will keep things well rounded for this period. I will back off all together when I enter my specialization phase

    I am of the philosiphy less is more on the bike in an effort to avoid overtraining. I ride with people who are always hammering in our sessions but I never see them in the finale of any big races...

    This is my thoughts on training in 05

    NOV 04
    Foundation: 12-15 hrs on the bike (16wks). 5x5 3xwk then peak after wk 4 and do 3x3 2xwk for 3wks
    preparation: 12-15 hrs on the bike 5x5 2xwk (8wks)
    specializaiton 8-10 hrs on the bike NO wieghts (6wks)
    transition 6-8 hrs on the bike 5x5 for (2wks of 4wks)
    Foundation: 12-15 hrs on the bike (4wks) 5x5 3xwk
    preparation 10-12 hrs on the bike (4wks) 5x5 2xwk
    specialization 8-10 hrs (4wks) no wieghts
    transition (8wks) 5x5 up to the 3x3's

    I'll let you know how it goes...

    road warrior
  8. Freddy

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    Awesome. Looks very smart. I'd like to know how it turns out, so as you said, please let me know.

    Good luck again.