yoga for strength gains

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Demondosage, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. Demondosage

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    Anybody else take yoga classes? I have found yoga to be extremely beneficial to bodybuilding and strength. Some of the things I cant do well and I need to use a strap, its very challenging for me. But I have noticed some great benefits from this. Anyone else ever try it?
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  2. Grizzly2

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    I haven't tried it yet, but I'm very interested in taking some yoga classes. I hear it's great for flexibility as well?
  3. anaconde

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    From what I hear yoga is amazing. Definitely feel the benefits when your undressing, taking skirt if then panties and last bra!!!! Hahahahah

    Just breaking some balls dd.

    kind of a win win if you ask me. Great mobility and flexibility and cannot forget the smoking hot chicks that always go to the classes.
  4. beezil

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    yoga is amazing. most just dont get how standing in poses can build strength.... but it can. not like loading plates on a machine or bar... but still good core strength.

    not too mention the increased range and flexibility... since i use my body for work a little more than most. yoga is a good balance with strength training for me.
    plus.... it will make you sweat like a waterfall.

    i liken yoga to martial arts forms and katas.... all the benefits of martial arts without the impact.

    the last pro... lots of girls in tight clothes in compromising positions....
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  5. Demondosage

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    oh no kidding man, I try to sneak in a good look every so often without feeling like too much of a predator. I'd smash a lot of those girls in the class
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  6. I've been wanting to try yoga for awhile. You guys got me sold. I work my body pretty hard in construction. I've always been chronically tight.

    I've always been scared that I'd be looked at like the guy in a pink head band at Zumba. At best a weirdo and at worst a perv by the women in tight pants.

    I'll have to use Seinfeld's advice and treat them like the sun..."Get a good look, COSTANZA?"
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  7. beezil

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    Funny thing is... I actually think the girls like us big guys. Because the one or two other guys in the class... Probably don't like girls and look like they throw up after every meal. :eek:

    They usually end up gravitating my way at the end of class or at break.... Offering suggestions on poses then asking me... For suggestions in the weight room. I don't mind the reciprocation....

    I have never been known to be shy...nor worried about what others say... So yoga has been a huge benefit. Although, the boys in the weight room like to kid. But i am the one chatting it up with the phillies. [:eek:)]
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  8. Demondosage

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    oh no kidding, I get a little flack from a few guys too. But here is the thing, they dont have anything close to my physique either. I'm the type of guy who will do something if it makes my body better, I dont give a fucking rats ass how gay people think it is. I even thought about ballet classes for my next contest to help develop better posing. I get deep tissue massages on the regular and my massage therapist is a man. Say what the fuck they want, if I'm shelling out some decent coin then I better be getting something out of a massage and most chicks just aren't strong enough to do me justice on a massage table. Dudes that wanna pay $100 just to have a hot chick rub them are desperate fucking losers. I've had pedicures for my feet before too, fuckers can call it gay all they want but nothing wrong with taking care of your body. When the panties start dropping because you look like a Greek God, aint nothing too gay about that shit!! LOL I think Gay is being a bitch in the gym that remains small, thats whats gay to me!! haha
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  9. beezil

    beezil Member

    echo that brother!

    as for the massages... i thought i was the only one that would request a guy.
    as you say... most women just don't have the strength to get in and manipulate soft tissue.

    you will like yoga, D. It will be a challenge at first... but after a few sessions you will be amazed!

    keep me informed and your thoughts.
  10. Ravtech

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    I didn't give yoga enough credit until I tried it, it's a really good work out for all of your secondary stabilizer muscles and helped me increase my flexibility by a lot. It's been a big benefit to me in both lifting and MMA. Just be forewarned that you're going to look like a moron the first few times you do it, I was falling over and losing my balance constantly at first.
  11. It develops your cns and stabilizer very well. Also can correct posture and imbalances. I think these types of benefits are widely overlooked and are intrical for having functional muscle not just good looking ones.
  12. Pericles

    Pericles Member

    It is also good for Martial Arts.

    Rickson Gracie schools has a 15 minute warm up, and then do Yoga stretching. The hips are stretched in several different ways.

    In any kind of fighting, the hips are critical. For BJJ flexible hips greatly increase mobility and submission holds.

    For striking, say boxing for example, punching power comes from the hips. Watch a good boxer, and you will see this the rotation of the hips greatly increases punching power. I once sparred w/ a HUGE guy, 6 4, 265 w/ no fat. Arms were huge and vascular.

    I will admit, I was a bit intimidated. However, he turned out to be an arm puncher, his hips and footwork were basically non existent.

    I used to do Yoga every week, and need to start again.
  13. WL_UOENO

    WL_UOENO Junior Member

    I believe yoga is very beneficial for any athlete, mainly because it helps develop body awareness. Also what everybody else said, it helps core stability and entire body flexibility.
  14. THIS...THIS is how a man thinks and acts. All of those other "men" who are essentially scared of what other people think are really just little boys. No balls.
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  15. Pericles

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    Nothing gay at all. Flexibilty makes you a much better fighter. I talked about ground fighting (submissions) and punching. Hip flexibility also increases kicking and wrestling abilities. I have a Thai friend, training hardcore in Thailand for 6 years, and I always tell guys trying to learn how to generate power is to match his hip rotation when he kicks. I am bigger than him, punch harder, but he will cripple you w/ leg kicks. Seriously, guy can break a small tree in two.

    Also, wrestling (take downs) are also helped by more flexibility. Here is what I do: I get in a bath, as hot as I can stand and try and stay in for 10 minutes. Then, I do my Yoga.

    Massages are great, but I am not....and I know I should be, but I just am uncomfortable to use a male massage therapist. Not judging, Actually, I should be OK, since a real man does not care about gender in a MT.

    I tell my gal to use her elbows, and she can get in deep that way.

    Back to posing. I would not hire or do Ballet. What you need, is a good posing coach. I got a great deal of help from Joanie Bovino, Chris' wife. All the So Cal pros used her. She corrected about a dozen things in terms of my mandatories and quarter turns.

    Remember, your placing is based upon pre-judging. If you do not do well, you won't make the night show, and all your friends who bought tickets to see you will be very disappointed. I tell clients to start working on mandatories 6 weeks out. Start w/ holding each one for just a few seconds. Add time each time. Before you are 10 days out, you should be holding them for 60 full secinds, and smiling. Many times a guy will have a better physique, but he cannot hold mandatories and front/rear/quarter turns relaxed (relaxed is a misnomer, never relax on stage). He will fatigue, let his stomach out, huff and puff and instantly be moved down a few placings.

    Demond: I am still pushing for you to do a show soon, especially since you are already about 80% there. I will give you every bit of instruction you need even throw in the diuretic formula for free.
  16. raysugar1234

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    It def seems to me like yoga has many benefits. The light amount of work would help with recovery between workouts as well I would imagine.
  17. It's not light you sweat like a pig and its hard as fuck. I thought I ran a marathon after my first time. But to your point it helps with recovery and is easy on your joints.
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  18. heel hook

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    I don't follow a pure Yoga routine but do many of those exercises and those I follow are vital to injury prevention and flexibility in BJJ and Wrestling or any sport.
  19. Pericles

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    No, it is actually hard and rather painful getting into the poses. It is nearly impossible the day after training legs. When I did yoga, and I am going to start again soon, it was always the day before training legs.
  20. Ravtech

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    I find a full length yoga class to be much more exhausting than a day of lifting. Holding squat and lunge positions combined with twisting and bending is much harder than it looks, especially when you're pushing 250lbs like I am.