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  1. ackrug

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    Do you guys do yoga to help with flexibility? The bigger im getting my flexibility is shirlt. I cant even put my own collars down for work....
  2. jJjburton

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    Yes everyday. At night after a 20 minute run and twenty minute abs. 20 minute stretch/yoga. It's a mix between yoga and static stretching. My sister taught me it when I was little like 12 and have been doing it ever since basically, but ramped it up lately(past 3 years). She was a vegetarian and yoga enthusiast. Most flexible person ever. But I have been getting bigger and some poses/stretching has got a lot harder. Static stretching should be done 3 times a day and dynamic stretching before activity. aka sports. I play bball. 3 x a day 10 second intervals is alot for 10-20 min! so I just do once a day lol.
  3. Isaac

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    Just stretch your muscles to get the rom back. No point getting all sentimental everytime you stretch.
  4. showstoppa

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    If you have time for it, i highly recommend it. One of the best ways to feel good and stay feeling young.
  5. Bone Gristle

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    My brother did yoga for a couple of months.

    He gained a whole new respect for women's fitness. Shit tore him a new ass.
  6. RodgerThat

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    did yoga for a little bit during a 5x5 program just for something to do on the days off and i got a huge respect for it. Although i dont do it anymore i do stretch for anywhere from 45-90 mins every day and am the most flexible guy at my gym. I find the flexibility helps alot with strength as well. (disclaimer, i have a dancer gf who stretches with me thats the only reason they are so long.)
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    I love yoga, especially Bikram! Something about being in a 110° room of half naked women that just turns me the fuck on! And every once in awhile you get that prize hottie in front of you with very tiny loose shorts and no panties :D Holy shit, I'm a perv!!!

    But seriously, I do love it. Long sessions of yoga are almost as beneficial as a deep tissue massage.
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    I really have tight hip flexors. Yoga has done wonders loosen that shit up. If you are older and stiff I highly recommend even if your young that flexibility will help in the squat rack.